Steps to Configure and host an application in Apache web server in Linux ?

This article will guide you on the basics of #Apache configurations on Linux. This includes #firewall configuration, managing Apache services, setting up virtual hosts, changing default listening #ports, and allowing/denying specific IPs from accessing the #sites. For more information about Apache configurations, visit Apache server official documentation at http://httpd.apache.org/docs/. Apache #HTTP Server is a free and open-source web server that delivers web content through the internet. It is commonly referred to as Apache and after development, it quickly became the most popular HTTP client on the web. To Set Up Virtual Hosts in Apache: 1. Set up a #domain name. The server block that is enabled by default is capable of serving documents from /var/www/html. 2. Enable the domain configuration file. 3. Test for errors. 4. Test if Apache is serving your domain name.