Install CouchDB on CentOS 8 - Step by Step Process ?

This article covers CouchDB installation on CentOS Linux System. 

Apache CouchDB is an open-source database management system, developed by Apache Software Foundation. It is a NoSQL document-store database developed in ErLang.

CouchDB uses multiple formats and protocols to store, transfer, and process its data, it uses JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) to store data, JavaScript as its query language using MapReduce, and HTTP for an API.

Unlike a relational database, a CouchDB database does not store data and relationships in tables. Instead, each database is a collection of independent documents. Each document maintains its own data and self-contained schema.

CouchDB software includes a native web interface i.e. Fauxton for administration of CouchDB database server.

To Install CouchDB Yum Repository on CentOS 8:

1. Create a repo file by using vim editor.

# vi /etc/yum.repos.d/bintray-apache-couchdb-rpm.repo

2. And add following directives in this file.


3. Build cache for newly installed yum repositories.

# dnf makecache

4. Now we can install CouchDB software by using dnf command.

# dnf install -y couchdb

Install CouchDB on Ubuntu 20.04 - Step by Step Process ?

This article covers how to install CouchDB on Ubuntu Linux System. Apache offers us various options for working with data and information on the web and one of its many derivations is Apache CouchDB.

CouchDB is a popular NoSQL database developed and maintained by Apache Foundation since 2005. 

It is an open-source database written in Erlang language that provides a RESTful API that users can use to create and modify database objects. 

Main Features of CouchDB:

1. CouchDB has a clustered database, thus allowing you to run a logical database server regardless of the number of servers or virtual machines.

2. By using apache CouchDB we have a single node database which acts under an application server.

3. It makes use of the HTTP protocol and the JSON data format, being compatible with any software that supports them.

4. CouchDB's unique replication protocol generates "Offline First" applications for mobile applications and other environments that have infrastructure

high impact network.

To install Apache CouchDB on Ubuntu:

1. Enable the Apache CouchDB repository, for this we download and install the GPG key with the following command:

$ curl -L https://couchdb.apache.org/repo/bintray-pubkey.asc | sudo apt-key add - 

2. Now we add the repository, for this we execute:

$ sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list 

3. At the bottom we add the line:

deb https://apache.bintray.com/couchdb-deb focal main 

4. We save the changes using the following key combination:

Ctrl + O

And exit the editor using:

Ctrl + X

5. We update the operating system with the following command.

$ sudo apt update

6. Next, we install Apache CouchDB:

$ sudo apt install apache2 couchdb 

To see the status of Apache CouchDB, run the command:

$ sudo systemctl status couchdb.service 

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