Find and Kill Running Processes in Ubuntu 20.04 Linux System - How to do this ?

This article covers method to comfortably find and kill running process on a Linux system.

If you run an application, it runs some process in the background. If you want to close this application forcefully, you can kill the process associated to it.

To kill a process, you need to know the its process ID (PID). The next section tells you how to find the process ID of a program.

To Kill the process using the PID

1. Once you have the PID of the desired application, use the following command to kill the process:

$ sudo kill -9 process_id

2. If you have more than one process id, you can kill all of them together by providing all the PIDs.

$ sudo kill -9 process_id_1 process_id_2 process_id_3

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