Configure Your Linux Firewall to Best Protect Your Data Center - How to do it properly on Ubuntu LTS 20.04 ?

This article covers protecting our data center by configuring a firewall by using two approaches; configure your Linux firewall using GUFW and configure your Linux firewall using UFW. In fact, Data security is a serious concern in this era of technology, but there are various ways available to protect your data. Configuring the firewall on your Linux system is one of the most popular strategies. A firewall is a type of network software that helps us protect against data breaches by applying various rules.

How to use Linux command to delete the PREROUTING rule in iptables ?

This article will guide you on how to list and remove/delete iptables pretrouting chain nat rules on your #Linux based system. The -D or --delete option delete one or more rules from the selected chain. There are two versions of this #command, the rule can be specified as a number in the chain or a rule to match. One of the ways to delete #iptables #rules is by rule specification. To do so, you can run the iptables command with the -D option followed by the rule specification.