Different Methods to Shutdown Linux Mint 20 ?

This article will guide you on the different methods of shutting down a #Linux Mint 20 system. Whenever you are done with your work on your Linux #Mint 20 system, you can easily pick any method out of these four to turn off your system till you wish to use it again.

sudo chmod u+s /sbin/shutdown

You will be prompted for your root password. After that, you're done and can type "exit" to exit out of the Terminal.

To schedule a #shutdown, add the [time] argument and specify when you want it to take place. There are two ways to shut down the system at a specific time – using the absolute or relative time format.

To  restart Linux Mint:

1. You can go back to the login screen and close your entire session (losing all open applications) by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Backspace. 

2. If your system doesn't respond to that you can cleanly reboot your system by holding down Alt + SysRq and slowly typing the letters "r e i s u b" in that order.