Use Speedtest CLI to Test Internet Speed on Ubuntu 20.04 - How to perform this task ?

This article covers how to install and use the Speedtest CLI utility to test your Internet speed while using Ubuntu 20.04.

To check my Internet speed in Ubuntu:

1. Open the Ubuntu Terminal by pressing Ctrl+alt+T or through the Dash. 

2. Then enter the command to install python:

$ sudo apt-get install python-pip

Once python is successfully installed, use the command to install the speedtest-cli tool:

$ sudo pip install speedtest-cli

The tool will be installed in your system.

To check Your Internet Speed:

Run the following command to test your internet speed:

$ speedtest-cli

To share Internet Speed Test Results:

The speedtest-cli also lets you share your internet speed by providing a link on the speedtest.net website through the following command:

$ speedtest-cli --share