Best 8 Open-Source Applicant Tracking Software

Ensuring positive outcomes and a higher generation of revenue depends upon the workforce behind any specific project, task, company, or brand. Therefore, it must be made sure to hire the right candidate for the job roles. 

As it is the most tiring and tedious job for recruiters and hiring managers to go through every single application to select the right candidate as it should be done with high-end accuracy. Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) has helped not only numerous colleges, universities but mainly businesses as well. 

ATS is designed in such a way that it sorts out and selects the perfect match for your position after severe scrutiny. It becomes super-fast and easy when it comes to short-listing from thousands of applicants, along with convenience, and removes the chances of human errors. 

In the old days, companies used to reserve separate budgets for the recruitment process. Whereas now it has become a necessity and accessible for companies to opt for ATS for effective process. Instead of hiring a non-suitable candidate for a company which increases the chances of negative outcomes, it is wise for executing the ATS in organizations, brands, and companies.

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In this context, we shall look into the best Open-Source Applicant Tracking Software which speeds up the hiring process ensuring positive outcomes in the long run for the company.

Benefits of Using Applicant Tracking Software includes:

  • Saves Time: An applicant tracking software automates many tasks which were done manually previously like screening applications, eliminating unqualified applications, scheduling interviews, etc. 
  • Saves Money: Using applicant tracking software, you are automating recruitment process, which can save the time of the recruiters and admission managers. 
  • Streamlined Hiring Process: Hiring and admission to a course can also be done using various tools like Excel Spreadsheets, Email, Calendar, Social Media, Job Boards, etc. 
  • Improves Candidate Experience: An applicant tracking software helps recruiters in continuously communicating with the candidates by sending automated emails and messages.
  • Ensures Legal Compliance: The applicant tracking software can scrutinize the applications based on the rules governed by EEOC (The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
  • Provides Access to Insights and Reports: The applicant tracking software can provide information like which channels brought best candidates, what was the cost per hire or admission, which post of yours attracted maximum candidates, status of the applications, and many other important things helping in improving the entire hiring or admission process.

1. iKrut

iKrut is an open-source applicant tracking software that has helped companies save loads of additional costs and time in the recruitment process. Every company craves for maximum automated steps to fasten their processes and tasks to achieve goals effectively and timely. As it cuts down a ton of time from searching for candidates till their first joining date. It has various features ensuring a speedy recruitment process along with accuracy.

This software consists of these core features such as the capability of receiving unlimited applications, posting on social medium platforms, the addition of vacancies, interview scheduling, generation of automated messages, Applications Management, Recruiting Management, Resume Search, Assessments, Candidate Management, Collaboration Tools, Internal HR, Interview Management, Job Requisition & Posting, Onboarding, Recruiting Firms, Reference Checking, Self Service Portal and more.

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2. HireList

HireList is open-source software that enables companies and organizations to speed up their recruitment process which generally is a crucial step towards any companies’ long-term goals. Therefore, the software has made it easy and convenient from grabbing the attention of job seekers and short-listing them for their set values and growth.

The amazing features it includes are as follows Applicant tracking, System Security & Software Management, Applications Management, Recruiting Management, Resume Database, Social Media Integration, Social Recruiting, Candidate Management, Interview Management, Job Requisition & Posting, Jobs Board Integration, and a list goes on.

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3. YouCruit

YouCruit has enabled numerous companies to grow and even build them by recruiting the right and best candidates for dozens of various job roles to stand out in the market. The companies invest in the software to ensure time saving, speed, and accuracy for the candidate selection process which is the necessity of any company to grow with positive outcomes. It has various features resulting in a fast-paced recruitment process.

The following features are Performance Management, Applicant Tracking, Applicant Workflow, Application Sharing, Candidate Management, Recruiting Firms, Workflow Management, Job Board Posting, Candidate Tracking, Interview Scheduling, and more.

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4. SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters is open-source software, and this powerful tool has enabled companies to grow in the right direction as it has helped companies to recruit the right and best candidates according to job roles and their requirements. The software has guided companies in finding suitable and appropriate candidates faster to meet the growing needs of companies.

The features included in the software are Alerts/Notifications, Applicant Tracking, Assessment Management, Background Screening, Candidate Management, Candidate Profiles, Candidate Tracking, access to the careers page, Collaboration Tools, access to Job Posting, Job Requisition, Recruitment Management, Reference Checking, Social Media Integration, Social Recruiting, Task Management, Interview Management, Interview Scheduling, Activity Dashboard API and many more.

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5. TalentRecruit

TalentRecruit software has supported many companies and ensured enhanced applicant experience starting from seeking a candidate to the last phase of it. It has helped organizations to lower the hiring liability along with a speedy transition with role fulfillment. Companies invest in the software to improve the quality of hiring with automated steps such as the resume’ comparison feature which helps in the complete recruitment cycle.

The core features consist of Email Templates, Recruitment Management, Task Management, Bulk Resume Parsing, Applicant tracking, System Security & Software Management, Applicant Workflow, Application Integration, Application Sharing, Applications Management, Online Activation, Recruiting Management, Resume Database, Resume Search, Social Media Integration, and the list goes on.

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6. HRMantra

HRMantra is a powerful tool that can enhance and grow companies in the right direction by ensuring the selection of the right candidates for different job posts. Companies are always preferring an accurate and swift process during the recruitment period and its steps therefore they invest in the software that automates the routine tasks like sending notifications to the right candidates or scheduling for interviews. It helps the companies to streamline the entire onboarding process as well.

The powerful features incorporated are as follows candidate rating system, mass email, and SMS feature, Test design feature according to the role requirements, easy integration with various job sites for submitting applications, facility of requisition application feature where one could mention the details required for a particular company or a post, and many more.

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7. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit software helps and guides the companies in the right direction by selecting reliable and appropriate candidates. An engaging recruitment process puts a positive image into the mind of the candidates leading to high morale which reflects in their productivity in the long run. The applicant tracking software has assisted the companies to eliminate the "gut feeling" while recruiting by providing advanced features which ensure fair play and evaluation perfectly.

The core features incorporated in this software are Candidate Management, Candidate Profiles, Candidate Tracking, Careers Page, Charting, Collaboration Tools, API, Access Controls/Permissions, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, Data Import/Export, Data Storage Management, Digital Signature, Reporting & Statistics, Third-Party Integrations, Two-Way Audio & Video and many more.

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8. Ejobsitesoftware

Ejobsitesoftware has encouraged various companies to make the right decisions at the right time when it comes to recruiting. Companies make sure to hire the right team to minimize turnover therefore, the software helps in choosing the right candidates while eliminating human error. An engaging recruiting process affirms a sign of credibility of the company in the mind of a candidate, which also helps the company for its positive branding.

The software consists of these features such as comparing resumes’, applicant tracking, applicant rating, screening the applicant, Email feature for a status update, smooth onboarding feature, generation of reports and analysis for ensuring right candidates, and list goes on.

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This article covers the best and free open-source applicant tracking software that helps the companies to build applicant's pipelines, along with reducing the hiring and administrative costs incurred during the process. In fact, Choosing the right candidate is always a crucial matter for any company or organization for its success. 

They include iKrut, HireList, YouCruit, SmartRecruiters, TalentRecruit, HRMantra, Zoho Recruit, and Ejobsitesoftware respectively.

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