Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring at $30.00

Are you getting stressed out a lot keeping up with a proper maintenance and Monitoring of your Server?

Do not worry anymore! We will keep your Servers up to date with the appropriate security measures in mind.

We offer a complete Server Maintenance and Monitoring service.

This includes;

Regular Software Updates

Hardware Optimization support

Server Intrusion prevention

All round clock Monitoring of the system

System Resources checks

Database system optimization

SSL Configuration and Maintenance

Malware and Blacklisting Monitoring

We ensure your server health and performance via our 24/7 remote server Monitoring and management. The tasks which our Experts perform on regular basis ensures the server health and performance. This includes patch management, fault management, change management, performance management, security configurations, back up and disaster recovery. These checks are followed up with system reports and suggested course of action in the event of issues being reported. 

Our team of engineers ensure that preventive measures are taken to avoid future disasters on the server which may have impact on hundreds of customers. We continuously performs list of activities that involves monitoring of your infrastructure, identify the future issues and fix it, back up your data on regular intervals. Other than these they follow a monitoring and management processes:

We take System & Server Level Monitoring serious as well as Proactive Patch management, Robust Network Monitoring, and Client Viewable Comprehensive Statistics.

Turnaround time in resolving an issue which has occurred and has affected a group of customers Root cause analysis to prevent the occurrence of this issue.

Most common scenarios – tasks are listed below:

Taking required action on the alerts that show up on the server monitoring tool.

Resolving a service down or server down issue.

If a mail server IP is blacklisted for spamming, identify the spammer, take measures to stop spamming, request for IP removal from the blacklist.

Monitoring CPU and memory usage in case of high load on server to identify the root cause and take necessary action.

Linux Server Monitoring Tasks

This includes, Remote OS installation and critical issue investigation using KVM, OS upgrades, Server Monitoring and troubleshooting, Kernel compilation, patching and upgrades, Load balancer and cluster setup, Billing and hosting control panel installation, configuration and upgrade, Install, upgrade and performance tuning of Tomcat/Apache/NginX/PHP/MySQL/Mailserver(Exim, Sendmail, Postfix), Installation and troubleshooting issues related to DNS, Apache/PHP compilation with modules as per the requirement, Installation and configuration of Linux daemons, Complex 3rd party software installations with dependencies, Server and account migrations, Server hardening, Firewall installations, tuning and maintenance, Periodic security audits, Applying security patches, Shell scripting, Server crash investigation and server hack investigation, DDOS attack investigation, Finding and removing root kits, Server backup management, failover and disaster recovery

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