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Control Panel Support at $70.00

We will get your Server Started by Installing and Setting up any Control panel of your choice.

We currently provide support for the following Control panels;

cPanel Control Panel
Webmin & Virtualmin


Control panels are a great way to manage Linux-based web hosting servers. It gives a robust graphical user interface and tools to help make web hosting a piece of cake. With their plethora of features, it is no surprise that server management can be a tricky job. Most Control panels should only be installed on fresh OS setups, and generally cannot be removed from a server without reformatting it. Owing to a bit of a complex nature, Control Panel server management services are thus crucial for any and all businesses relying on cPanel servers. With support ranging from Apache, MySQL and Perl for application based and SMTP, POP3 and IMAP for email based, it is important for businesses to have server managers that are well-versed with both kinds of support.

Here, our dedicated team of Control Panel server managers keep your business optimized and running at all times. Servers are the backbone of any network out there, and keeping them running smoothly is as crucial to your business as marketing or sales. Server management includes processes such as server migrations, application installation and configuration, software updates, security and safety considerations, audits and performance optimizations. Also, server stabilization and efficient performance are important aspects of cPanel server management that administrators must pay heed to.

Our Control Panel server management features include:

i. Server management, 24X7X365. 

With ticket resolution times in minutes, our cPanel server management support is one of a kind. We offer quick responses to support tickets, in conjunction with standard service agreements and regulations. All this, every second of every day of the year.

ii. Security optimization. 

Ensuring safety and security is topmost priority for any server management service. This includes firewall protection, database security, spam protection and periodic installation of security patches to ensure that your system never goes down, and you never lose out on business.

iii. Software installation and management. 

This includes installation and maintenance of essential server software, such as the control panel, third party software, security and performance related installations and web application setup.

iv. Server migration. 

Minimum downtime migration is a priority for our cPanel server management services. We specialize in server migrations without any data loss, verification of compatibility, email and database migration and inter-control panel migration.

v. Disaster recovery services. 

In case of negative events, cPanel server management services provide data recovery services. Domain restoration from faulty hard drives, email and database recovery, and malware removal are just some of the disaster recover features included in cPanel server management.

So, if you are looking for Linux Control Panel server management services to help sustain your business, look no further!

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