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Install AnyDesk on openSUSE 15.3 system - Step by step guide ?

This article covers how to install AnyDesk remote desktop application on openSUSE system. In fact,  you can easily set up the AnyDesk remote desktop application on your system.

Install Skype on Manjaro Linux - Step by step guide ?

This article covers how to install Skype on Manjaro Linux system. In fact, Skype is one of the most popular communication applications in the world. It is cross-platform, available on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Install Steam on Linux Mint 20.3 - Step by step guide ?

This article covers how to easily install steam on Linux Mint 20.3. In fact, Once this platform will be installed on your system, you will be able to play thousands of games on the go.

Open a Terminal in Linux Mint 20.3 - Steps to follow ?

This article covers the different ways with which you can instantly launch the terminal on Linux Mint.

Install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS - Step by step guide ?

This article covers the installation procedure of Ubuntu 20.04 on your system. In fact, Ubuntu 20.04 (codenamed Focal Fossa) was released on April 23, 2020. It’s a Long-Term Support (LTS) release, meaning that it will receive support and updates until April 2025.

New Features of Ubuntu 20.04 includes:

  • Linux Kernel 5.4 – This version of the Linux kernel adds support for a wider range of processors. It also includes improvements for boot speed, power-saving, and USB-C, plus several security features.
  • Gnome 3.36 – Gnome has been updated and improved. System animations should be smoother and have a lower impact on CPU usage.
  • ZFS 0.8.3 file system –  Improved performance and native encryption.
  • Dark theme
  • Redesigned login screen.
  • Newer versions of popular programming languages – Python 3.8, OpenJDK 11, PHP 7.4, Glibc 2.31, Rustc 1.41, GCC 9.3, Ruby 2.7.0, Perl 5.30, Golang 1.13.

How to Create a Bootable USB Drive on Ubuntu ?

By using the Create startup disk tool:

  • Open a search dialog, and type create startup.
  • If it's not installed, the Software Center will offer the option to install it – choose the option for USB drive, then open the utility.
  • In the top pane, click Other, then browse and select the Ubuntu 20.04 .iso file you downloaded.
  • In the bottom pane, select your USB drive.
  • Click Make startup disk.

Install NGINX on openSUSE - Step by step guide ?

This article covers how you can easily install Nginx on your openSUSE system. In fact, Nginx or engine x is a high-performance HTTP- and proxy server with low memory consumption. It is used by large scale websites like Netflix, Pinterest, CloudFlare , Github etc. Nginx has an easy to learn configuration syntax and can act also as a load balancer with health checks and reverse proxy with caching features.

You can Install Nginx with the "zypper in" command:

$ zypper in nginx

Start nginx and enable it to be started at boot time:

$ systemctl start nginx
$ systemctl enable nginx

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