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Install Zabbix on Debian 10 - A step by step guide ?

This article covers the best method of installing Zabbix monitoring software in Debian 10 Buster systems. In fact, Zabbix is 100% free open-source ultimate enterprise-level software designed for monitoring availability and performance of IT infrastructure components. 

For additional help or useful information, we recommend you to check the official Zabbix website.

Python abs() function in Linux

This article covers how to use Python abs() function. In fact, The Python abs() method calculates the absolute value of a number. The abs() method takes in one parameter: the number whose absolute value you want to calculate.

Install Java 17 LTS (JDK 17 ) On Debian 11 - Different ways to perform it ?

This article covers how to install the latest OpenJDK, and by extension Java 17 on your Debian 11 Bullseye system. In fact, JDK 17 (JDK 17) has brought forward new language enhancements, updates to the libraries, support for new Apple computers, removals and deprecations of legacy features, and work to ensure Java code written today will continue working without change in future JDK versions.

Best 5 Open-Source Digital Signage Software

This article covers the market-leading digital software solutions that are transforming signage strategies. In fact, Digital signage is transforming the marketing strategies of many organizations and businesses across the globe. Product and service marketing techniques transform towards betterment each day and every company adopts the changing trends in an attempt to maximize sales, profits, and overall revenues. Digital signage helps in this regard. Transforming marketing for many businesses, digital signage software help enhance sales and transform the overall marketing strategies of a company which in return improves revenues. Here in this article, we have enlisted the market-leading digital software solutions that are transforming signage strategies.

These software solutions are Xibo, Concerto, Screenly OSE, Rise Vision, and Display Monkey. 

Best 7 Open-source Workforce Management Software

This article covers the best free workforce management tools. In fact, using technology such as workforce management software to accelerate, manage, and streamline overall workforce processes can turbocharge workforce managers to create talent pools that lead the market. These tools are Bitrix24, ClickUp, Teambook, VisualTime, Talygen, Timesheets.com, and Pacific Timesheet.

Check File Permissions with the "ls" Command on Linux Mint 20

This article covers the different ways to conveniently check the file permissions of all the files existing on your Linux Mint 20 system using the built-in "ls" command. In fact, ls command provides additional information about a file or folder, such as its access and ownership permissions.

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