Linux Technical Support

Linux Technical Support at $30.00

Linux has gained a long term reputation of being a secure and flexible open source operating system which is the infrastructure behind most servers and website today. that powers our servers.

Why Linux is the recommended Operating System at the moment?

In the past, Linux was mainly used by internet server providers and network developers to power devices such as Network routers. This has taken a new dimension nowadays in that Linux has undergone an ongoing development cycle and with the introduction of Linux Desktop system, it is now very easy to manage Servers and Software.

Since Linux is free and open source it is massively welcomed by developers actively contributing to the development and Security of the platform. Therefore, Linux is more secure than Windows. From time to time, Developers keep updating its software and new application packages are added free of charge.

We support CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL and Fedora Linux Distribution.

Our experienced Server Experts offer Operating System support and Linux support services ranging from any OS installation to System setup activities.

We offer Installation Support, Server Setup and configuration, Control Panel Installation, Software upgrades and updates, Domain DNS configuration with the Server environment.

All major Linux distribution are supported such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Suse, Linux Mint and others.

We also provide professional Internet and LAN connectivity for your business. Our technicians are experts in Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Of course, each business’ needs are different, so be sure to contact us and obtain more detailed information, costs that are specific to your situation and requirements. In addition, we provide a number of products tailored specifically to address the needs of cost-conscious businesses. Don’t risk your valuable business information by trying to go it alone!

Installation and support of Linux servers and packages including:

MySQL, Firewalls, Archiving, Reporting, FTP Server, VPN Servers, Proxy Server, Print Servers, Web Hosting, Remote access, Domain Hosting, Server Co-location, VoIP (Voice over IP), Anti-Spam Solutions, Web Content Filtering, Document Management, File servers using Samba, Webmail and Groupware, Asterisk – A Linux based PBX, Mail Server and Mail Services, Anti-Virus for E-mail Solutions, Backup Solutions, Remote maintenance contracts (various levels).

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