Best 6 Open-Source Marketing Automation Software

The goal of any business is to optimize overall business in terms of maximizing sales, generation of Return on Investment (ROI), and building stronger customer relationships. It is an unquestionable fact that a business can only expand if the sales goals are timely monitored and achieved and to ensure that, marketing efforts must be highly efficient and effective. Having deep insights and knowledge of the moving trends in the market is mandatory for the marketers along with choosing the right tools appropriately is another skill that ensures a positive outcome and higher returns for companies. For standing out among the rivals, companies must have the right plan for effective positive results including marketing campaigns such as email marketing, social media optimization, digital marketing, website promotion, which easily involve new audiences and retain the current ones simultaneously. By applying these marketing plans together, the need for automating them arises as it speeds up the process, serves the convenience, and enhances precision. Investing in effective and powerful marketing automation software helps carry out your marketing tasks effectively and efficiently according to business needs to stay on top.

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In this context, we shall look into the best and open-source marketing automation software that boosts the marketing functions and ensures sales.

Features of Marketing Automation Software includes:

  • Lead Nurturing & Filtering: The marketing automation software should be able to recognize the leads based on the behavior, demographics, past purchases, etc. of the prospective customers. This helps businesses to strengthen their relationship with the clients and make informed decisions.
  • Campaign Management: Managing campaigns in such a way that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time is the goal of ideal marketing automation software. Campaign management includes planning, execution, and analysis of the different campaigns running for your business promotion.
  • Customer Information Capturing: When a visitor on the website fills up the information on the landing page, that information is captured and passed on to the sales and marketing team through marketing automation software.
  • Landing Page: Many marketing automation systems have landing page building features which help organizations to build attractive landing pages with an alluring call to action to generate maximum leads.
  • Lead Management: Managing leads through entire sales funnel is the most important feature ideal marketing automation software should possess. This capability of the software allows companies to recognize the leads and convert them effectively.
  • Tracking Visitors: The visitors on your website are tracked based on their IP and their behavior is traced so that required action can be taken for gaining high conversions. One of the most fundamental features of marketing automation software which helps in segmenting visitors based on their interests and thus targeting them with offers becomes easy.
  • Reporting and Analytics: The analytical reports help managers to predict future easily and make informed decisions to launch successful marketing campaigns in the future. It becomes important for the marketing automation system to possess quality reporting and analysis feature to lead businesses towards undeniable success.
  • Mobile-Friendly: In this modern era, when all tasks are done through the mobile phone, why should marketing automation lag behind? The marketing automation software should be mobile-friendly so that the managers can access information on the go.

1. MailChimp

MailChimp has performed an essential role by empowering businesses with tailored and automated email marketing options. It has assisted organizations to build, implement, and examine email campaigns. You can also manage your email subscribers, track emails, and quantify results in terms of email open rate and click-through rate.

The options and features incorporated in this software are powerful as it helps you create email campaigns followed by transparency in tracking and analyzing, easily can be integrated with other applications such as Spotify and other web services. It helps you identify the results of the set campaigns and guide you by segmenting your target audience based on geographical locations and other preferences.

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2. OpenEMM

OpenEMM is a free open-source software for marketing and email campaigns and automation. It has a user-friendly interface and helps businesses and brands to create & broadcast emails and ensures positive results and feedback; this open-source software offers thorough functionality and attributes to launch profitable email marketing campaigns. This automated email marketing tool also assists in scheduling emails for any future date or event, so that you can concentrate on other business-oriented assignments. It supports you in organizing and managing your leads.

The features are versatile as it supports businesses managing automatic bounce management, mail opening and link tracking, Real-time statistics in graphical representation, content management, audience segmentation based on customer behavior, it also has in-built plug-ins assisting in customizing campaigns.

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3. SalesAutoPilot

SalesAutopilot is well-known open-source software for automating business processes and sales in the absence of any coding. It supports businesses to capture inquiries, leads, and orders from the website by itself. Its landing page editor assists companies and organizations in creating fascinating landing pages which encourage high conversions and inclination.

The features included are that companies can set up a quick payment system without coding knowledge as it accepts payments on websites through debit/credit cards, easily integrated with billing software to maintain accounts, consists of built-in affiliate marketing system which ensures greater target audience and resulting in higher conversions. It also possesses the facility of a robot pilot where it is requested to respond according to the behavior of the subscribers.

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4. Drip

Drip marketing automation software has helped and gained the trust of thousands of growing e-commerce brands and took their marketing game to the next level. It assists the brands and companies’ customer data and information to deliver personalized email and SMS marketing strategies; like targeting customers and consumers on what they buy, browse, and surfing across websites. It allows multiple integrations and is adaptable enough to fit in any marketing strategy according to business needs.

It comprises the following features such as contact management, content delivery, content management, conversion rate optimization, multi-channel marketing, multiple user accounts, Social media integration, visual analytics, conversion tracking, Dynamic content, email campaign management, email management, and many more.

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5. InTouchCRM

InTouchCRM is a well-known and award-winning marketing software that has assisted and grown numerous businesses in terms of sales along with converting the prospects and potential leads into customers and then customers to referrers for further gains. It also has a 14-day trial period where the brands can utilize the features and get a hands-on experience with their friendly user interface.

The amazing features of this software are segmentation and management of your leads, personalized emails, capabilities of approaching the cold lead as well for conversions automatically, survey feature to identify requirements and areas of improvement of target audience along with a built-in calendar option for following up on potential customers.

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6. SharpSpring

This SharpSpring marketing software specializes in attracting more leads, converting them into customers, and optimizing your marketing efforts in the right way to ensure sales and higher conversion. It tracks customers’ movement on brands’ websites and delivers reports on the marketing sources they have visited. Using this software, companies or brands can portray highly specific automation rules and enables them to send appealing content or even target-based emails to their leads/prospects and convert them into customers, which ensures more sales and growth for the company.

The powerful features include social media integration, social marketing, reporting & statistics, multi-channel marketing, the feature of API, behavior analytics and tracking, blog features for better online presence and awareness, campaign segmentation and tracking, dashboard creation along with data export/import, and many more.

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This article covers the best, powerful and competitive marketing automation software. In fact, these Open-source Software enables and helps the procedure of selling by focusing on defining your audience, segmenting them under various preferences, monitoring and tracking results, and evaluating marketing campaigns.

They include MailChimp, OpenEMM, SalesAutoPilot, Drip, InTouchCRM, and SharpSpring. 

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