Best 8 Open-Source Business Process Management Software

Humans are likely to make errors during daily matters, however, if it involves the masses it could be detrimental. Therefore, the known companies ensure to minimize their inaccuracies by channeling stages well-defined from planning till post-execution. Businesses ensure task completion by various means like tools, techniques which undergo structured processes. To safeguard smooth functions of the important processes such as Management, Operational and Supporting Process which are part of every successful business, ultimately rely on Business Process Management Software (BPM Software). It serves the business partners, customers, and employees better. The business activities involved in companies are pretty complex which the BPM software makes it easy for instance, a customer placing an order at a digital platform till the post-delivery stage. Businesses benefit from its applications as it reduces the costs and errors, streamlines processes from start to end, and ensures standardized processes across all departments which ensures effective and efficient execution.

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In this context, we shall look into the best, free open-source business process management software which builds credibility and business stability.

1. jBPM

jBPM is a toolkit that empowers companies to automate business decisions and processes. It helps the users to define their business goals with a detailed representation of each step in form of a flowchart that provides clarity and improves the business logic. It acts as a bridge between the developers and the end-users.

The core features of this software are history logging, with a management console supporting process instance management, task lists and the task form management, reporting, optional process repository to set up your process, models complex business logic, pluggable persistence based on JPA/JTA, transactions based on JPA / JTA, Supports the graphical creation of your business processes, pluggable human task service to perform tasks that require human actors, it provides both frameworks-standalone service or customized service and list goes on.

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2. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is one of the top free and open-source BPM software having all the necessary capabilities and features that are required in an efficient BPM software. Bitrix24 specializes in providing streamlined collaboration solutions, BPM platforms, time and HR management tools, document and project management solutions, and the list goes on. The company aims at providing and ensuring optimized team collaborations and communications, website builder, goal setting, goal management, HR management, milestone tracking, real-time project, and task tracking, providing live chat support functionalities, project planning, etc. Bitrix24 is known across its users from around the globe as a solution ensuring prime call tracking and collaboration facilities provider. With Bitrix24, users can collaborate easily on social media platforms, get benefits from advanced features such as video conferencing, employee polls, lead management, the ability to generate invoice and sales reports, etc.

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3. Modelio

Modelio is a known BPM software, which assists in terms of diagrams and models. It also caters the software architects, analysts, code developers. It has a proven record of facilitating multiple companies that have evolved and grown as it offers the core features incorporated are RCP architecture, HTML publisher module, XMI export, and import options, it has Java code generator, graphic modeling of web series assistance, systems modeling support, document generation,

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4. Alfresco

Starting with the free, open-source, and cross-platform compatible software. Alfresco was launched in the year 2005 and has since then acquired fame for providing the best document management system to its users from across the different platforms. Some of its leading features include session virtualization, content tagging, searching by tags capability, support for numerous record management standards, such as MoReq2, NOARK, 5015.2, etc., capability to access the repository through FTP, WebDAV, SMB, CMIS, and NFS, supports Google Docs, and Microsoft Office, supports several databases such as IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle Database, consists of other services and features like compliance management, configurable workflow, document storage and management, task management and process tracking, etc.

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5. Bonitasoft

This open-source software helps businesses to automate and re-invent business processes by delivering automated projects and maximization of visibility for insights to further improve processes. The leading BPM software is easily integrated with existing information systems and extensively manages organization processes. The core and extensive features are approval process control, access controls and permissions, business process automation, calendar management, compatibility testing feature, deployment, and document management, easy to detect errors and monitor health in applications, graphical user interface, and workflow editor, task management, source control, etc.

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6. Bizagi

This BPM software empowers the users to model and execute processes through graphical representations. The cloud version also offers modeler and automation services which include creating, optimization and publishing workflows. It helps you engage with people, applications, and devices to provide the amazing experience that digital customers and consumers look for. Users are empowered to create and publish process models, process applications, and monitor revision histories.

The features that are embedded into this software are audit trails, business process automation and control, compliance management, data export/import, and data visualization, email management, rules-based workflow, reporting and analytics, and more.

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7. Pipefy

Pipefy enables business managers to generate and run proficient workflows. It enhances swiftness, upgrades efficiency, and delivers improved customer value through optimization of workflows, yielding quality outcomes. It empowers the businesses to be updated and planned.

The supreme features incorporated in this software are order management, process change tracking, project planning, which provides you with real-time updates, allows third-party integrations, vendor management, recruitment management, performance metrics, and its management, etc.

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8. Appian

Appian BPM software has empowered companies to manage their business processes most effectively and efficiently. It’s a market-leading BPM software and it provides social centricity, allows innovation, and improvise by collaborating with suppliers, customers/consumers, partners, and workers. Users can easily track and familiarize themselves with changes, market demands, and business occasions.

The specifications and features of Appian BPM software include real-time monitoring, reporting and analytics, software development, monitoring of process change tracking, collaboration tools, business process automation, API, compliance management, and many more.

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This article covers the market-leading and the utmost market competitive Business Process Management software which includes jBPM, Bitrix24, Modelio, Alfresco, Bonitasoft, Bizagi, Pipefy, and Appian respectively. In fact, Business Process Management divides the tasks into smaller units called processes. The process can be anything from a strategic roadmap to a logical set of instructions that leads to the goal. The execution of all interrelated processes in proper sequence completes a given task.

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