Best 5 Open-Source Social Media Management Software

The digital era has created numerous avenue streams for businesses to grow. Nowadays, companies keep themselves updated about trends, such as social media trends. The bond between companies and customers is essential thus the growth and profitability largely depend upon the customer’s engagement with the brand. 

Social media presence is super-vital for any brand and leaves a powerful impact on the customers, as they feel more connected and create associations. If the idea behind any product or service is presented in an inspiring way that connects with customers emotionally, it always boosts profitability and a higher customer engagement. 

Credibility, speed, and accuracy are the elements customers put their trust in, keeping these factors in mind the brands invest in powerful, enhanced tools such as social media management software. The software acts as a one-stop-shop and provides insights, impressions, engagements, and brands can work on their strategies accordingly to optimize their customer reach, conversions, sales, and growth. 

Social media professionals or managers, with deep knowledge and the right set of tools, can do wonders with ease by analyzing the data and active users on the social media platform. 

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In this context, we shall look into the best open-source social media management software that has assisted companies in effective and efficient ways to cater to customers in a better way by gaining their attention and resulting in companies higher profitability and growth.

Benefits of using social media management Software includes:

  • Providing customer care services through social media: Customers appreciate when brands reply to their grievances on social media platforms; it makes them feel more connected to the brand.
  • Increasing your credibility: Brands that have a presence on social media platforms are seen as more trustworthy by customers than those who are not.
  • Creating a story around your brand: Your brand should not only satisfy your customer but should also create the emotional connect by inspiring them. 
  • Disseminating information in a creative way: The growing popularity of social media can be attributed to its creative potential.
  • Two-way communication: When businesses use social media for reaching their customers, it allows them to get the customers feedback, views, or opinion about their action, which is not possible with most of the traditional modes.

1. HootSuite

Hootsuite is a free, open-source, and cross-platform compatible solution for seamlessly managing social media channels. The software comes equipped with state-of-the-features and requirements to manage different pages on varying social media platforms. With the advanced tool, business growth and website or social media page visits are assured.

The core features consist of activity dashboard, activity tracking, activity/news feed, advertising management, alerts and escalations, notifications, analytics, ROI tracking, brand tracking, calendar management, calendar and reminder system, campaign analytics, campaign management, behavior tracking web traffic reporting, website analytics, @mentions, ab testing, API, access controls and permissions, activity dashboard, multi-channel, management, multi-channel marketing, performance metrics, post scheduling, and the list goes on.

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2. SocialOomph

SocialOomph is another advanced and feature-packed tool that allows users, businesses, and large-scale organizations to manage their presence on different social media channels from a single platform. The tool allows users to stay informed about user activities on various channels, along with being able to update the channels and engage with users from the platform. This drastically enhances and organizes users’ social media pages and their customer engagement.

The core features are precise scheduling, bulk uploading, self-destructing posts, post-flood control to prevent annoyance for your followers, content management, conversion tracking, feature of keyword filtering capability, post scheduling facility for efficient management, automatic generation of a blog and social posts from RSS feed along with keyword filter option and many more.

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3. Zoho Social

Zoho is a powerful platform for providing state-of-the-art solutions and platforms to its users is known to many organizations, companies, and users across the globe. Zoho Social, like other Zoho products, provides a market-competitive and advanced set of tools that enable social media managers to manage their channels and engage with their users most efficiently.

The powerful features that include are customer segmentation, customizable reports, dashboard creation, data visualization, engagement tracking, multi-account management, multi-channel data collection, real-time reporting, reporting and statistics, social media integration, visual analytics, alerts/notifications, automated publishing, automated scheduling, and the list goes on.

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4. Sprout Social

SproutSocial offers competitive features to manage the social media channels. The tool is, like its competitors, offers a free trial, is open-source, and cross-platform compatible. The features offered in the tool are unmatched and thus the tool is an optimal choice for individual users, companies, or large-scale organizations.

The features incorporated in the enhanced tool mainly include brand tracking, calendar management, campaign analytics, campaign management, campaign tracking, categorization and grouping, channel attribution, charting, collaboration tools, communication management, competitive analysis, competitor monitoring, conversion rate optimization, conversion tracking, customer engagement, data security, data visualization, editorial calendar, engagement tracking, feedback management, multi-channel management, multi-channel marketing, negative feedback management, real-time reporting social media integration, social media management, social media monitoring, visual analytics, workflow management, and the list goes on.

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5. Buffer

Buffer is another fantastic tool to manage social media accounts simultaneously from a single, integrated, and advanced platform. The features and functionalities offered in the tool make it a go-to platform for many organizations, and users across the globe. The tool offers a free trial, is open-source, and cross-platform compatible, making it efficient for feature enhancements and third-party integrations.

The features incorporated in the amazing software include visual analytics, third party integration, social promotion, social performance management, social media integration, reporting and statistics, post scheduling, data visualization, data import and export capabilities, campaign, and calendar management, ROI tracking, and the list goes on.

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This article covers the best open-source social media management software that empowers companies, and organizations to build their brand with higher engagements, greater conversions, and stronger customer relationships with the help of social media management software. In fact, Choosing the right tools and techniques saves time, boosts productivity, and cuts costs for companies. These includes HootSuite, Social Oomph, Zoho Social, Sprout Social, and Buffer respectively.

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