How to Configure Linux Mint 20 Automatic Updates Through GUI ?

Updating a system periodically is mandatory for its proper functioning. However, doing this manually might seem tedious because of which most of the people prefer to automate this process. 

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In this context, we shall look into the process of configuring the automatic updates of a Linux Mint 20 machine through GUI.

Steps to Configuring Linux Mint 20 Automatic Updates through GUI

1. Access the Update Manager of the system

To begin, you need to access the Update Manager of your system by looking for it in the Mint Menu.

2. Expand the Edit Tab of the Update Manager

In the Update Manager window, you need to expand the Edit tab by clicking on it.

3. Select the Preferences Option from the Edit Tab

From the Edit menu, you need to click on the Preferences tab.

4. Switch to the Automation Tab from the Preferences Window

Now, from the Preferences menu, you need to switch to the Automatic tab.

5. Select the Automatic Updates Option from the Automation Tab

Finally, in the Automation tab, you will see different options for automating the updates of your system. You can switch on the toggle buttons of as many of these as you need depending upon your requirements. For example, for automating the package updates, you need to turn on the toggle button.

Once you will do this, you will be asked to authenticate yourself.

Finally, you will be able to see that the desired updates have been configured to take place automatically.

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This article covers the process of configuring the automatic updates of a Linux Mint 20 system.

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