The 8 Best and free Open-Source Shipping Software

A strong digital presence is of utmost importance in today's world to cater to the masses. The higher range of the audience is tapped the higher is the customer conversion percentage, if proper tools and techniques are applied. Companies presenting either products, services, or even both, don't let any chance of letting their consumers switch from their platform to their competitor. 

Companies and brands invest in a powerful software that transforms their tasks and processes more effectively and efficiently. It has become mandatory for many businesses to offer delivery services to cater to speed, convenience, and variety, for consumers and customers. To stay ahead in the game, businesses utilize the opportunities to the fullest from software that enhances and adds value to the customer's needs. One of the essential services is shipping or home delivery. It has become a significant aspect of today's business model, especially if it is about e-commerce. If it is not taken care of properly it can collapse the businesses resulting in loss of customers.

Therefore, there are intuitive, fast, and user-friendly shipping software that assists and guides the companies in overcoming the challenges related to delivery that ultimately helps in retaining the customers and becoming a good source of word-of-mouth. The shipping software contributes to lowering the shipping costs, lowering shipping delays, taking notice and track of long-distance returns, and many more. It comes in handy as the software automates the complete process initiating from the order received step till the product delivered stage. 

The software help companies to ensure location accuracy, timely delivery, utmost safety, and security with a minimum cost for delivery. It not just reduces human error and improves efficiency, but it also offers integration capabilities with multiple shipping carriers, it also helps companies save time by generating bulk label printing for a volume delivery, by providing the reports and analytics, companies can benefit from it by going through the various information such as average cost of shipping per product, etc. and can make smart decisions to grow the business exponentially.

Here at LinuxAPT, we will look into the best 8 free and open-source shipping software that enhances and adds value to the overall business resulting in delighted customers along with massive growth.

Main features of Open-Source Shipping Software includes:

  • Multiple Shipping Carriers Integration: The shipping software you choose should be able to integrate multiple shipping carriers so that you can compare the shipping rates and choose the cheapest and best shipping carrier for fulfilling your orders easily.
  • Bulk Label Printing: In a situation where you have a huge number of orders to deliver, bulk label printing can save your time and manual efforts to a great extent.
  • Order Management: The shipping software you choose should automate inventory management, and warehouse management, to ensure that all orders are delivered as soon as possible.
  • Tracking the Shipment: The shipping software you choose should help you and your customers to track the shipments accurately.
  • Drop-Shipping: Many eCommerce vendors don't store the products; instead, they get them shipped from third-party directly to the customers. The shipping software you select should help in streamlining this specialized process.  
  • Reporting and Analytics: The shipping software you select should provide historical data including information like average shipping cost for each product, or lowest and highest rates charged by shipping carriers, etc., as that can help you in making smart decisions helping your business to grow exponentially.

1. Shippo

Shippo is another powerful shipping software with enhanced shipping capabilities to stay ahead in the shipping business. It assists in connecting with the most famous e-commerce platforms along with insights, powerful reports, and analytics and configurable automation capabilities, and transparent tracking providing real-time information and stats.

The features API integration capability, Barcode/Label Management, Batch Printing, Customizable Branding, Data Import/Export, Delivery Tracking, Ground Shipping, Label Printing, Label Templates, Labeling, Multiple File Format Support, Order Entry, Order Fulfillment, Order Management, Order Tracking, Package Tracking capability, Parcel Shipping, Real-time Updates and notifications, Reporting & Statistics, Reporting and Analytics, Returns Management, Shipment Price Calculation, Shipment Tracking, Shipping Labels, Shipping Management, Shipping Services Integration, Status Tracking, Third-Party Integrations, and many more down the list.

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2. OpenBoxes

Openboxes is free and open-source shipping software that improves and assists companies in providing a better view of workflow and visibility of stock and its management. It keeps a super track of stockouts and helps to forecast and plan easier and the software can be customized seamlessly according to the business needs.

The powerful features incorporated in this software are that it can store all the data related to all types of items of stock like manufacturers, vendors, etc. Assists in tracking the stock movements from warehouse to drop-point accurately. It supports multiple languages, helps in the inventory management across the region in warehouses, presence of a powerful and intuitive dashboard with a track on all shipments in real-time, email broadcast facility to update all the stakeholders regarding the inventory, order delivery, etc., and many more.

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3. PrestaShop

PrestaShop is another open-source shipping software that enhances the chances to develop online sales while keeping eye on all shipments with an intuitive dashboard. With a user-friendly interface and superb features that assist companies in achieving the goals and gaining customers with beneficial features.

The fascinating features included in this software are as follows; Activity Dashboard, CRM capabilities, Cataloging/Categorization, Multi-Channel Marketing, Multi-Store facility, Online Store Builder options, Order Management, Pre-built Templates, Product Configurator, Promotions Management, Real-Time Analytics, Real-Time Editing, Returns Management, SEO Management tools, Shipping Management, Shopping Cart, Tax Management, and many more down the list.

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4. ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy is another option for shipping businesses that can automate all the stages and remove the manual processes and lower risks like printing labels in batches, updating customers of the shipment status, simplifying, and channelizing the return process along with inventory management, and many more.

The endless features incorporated in this enhanced software are Real-time alerts and notifications, Barcode Recognition, Label Management, Campaign Management, Cataloging/Categorization, Channel Management, Contact Database, Contact Management, Customer Segmentation, Customizable Branding, Customizable Forms, Customizable Templates, Data Import/Export, Data Synchronization, Delivery Tracking, Dispatch Management, Drip Campaigns, Email Management, Email Marketing, Email Templates, Event-Triggered Actions, Label Printing, Labeling, Lead Management, Multi-Channel Management, Multi-Location, Multi-Store, Order Management, Order Processing, Order Tracking, Package Tracking, Parcel Shipping, Product Data Management, Promotions Management, Purchase Order Management, Status Tracking, Stock Management, Supplier Management, Third Party Integrations, and the list goes on.

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5. ShipStation

ShipStation is a well-known multi-channel shipping platform that facilitates companies in shipping businesses and secures and enhances all the shipping processes with ultimate safety and care. The software helps and guides brands in maximizing the shipping efficiencies and saving up time and costs resulting in exponential growth.

The features included are Cost Tracking, Customer Database, Customizable Branding, Delivery Tracking, Dispatch Management, Distribution Management, Inventory Management, Inventory Optimization, Inventory Tracking, Item Management, Label Printing, Order Management, Order Processing, Order Tracking, Package Tracking, Parcel Shipping, Product Identification, Purchase Order Management, Reporting/Analytics, Sales Forecasting, Scheduling, Shipment Price Calculation, Special Order Management, Status Tracking, Stock Management, Supplier Management, Third-Party Integrations, Transportation Management, Vendor Managed Inventory, Warehouse Management, and the list goes on.

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6. ShipRush

ShipRush is an amazing shipping software that enhances and controls the whole shipping process, incorporated with the extensive marketplace integration along with a real-time rate dashboard to track and analyze steps and helps companies to make smart decisions while minimizing the risks and human error.

The fascinating features included in this software are Real-time alerts and notifications, Barcode / Ticket Scanning, Bills of Lading, Freight Shipping, Ground Shipping, Label Printing, Customizable Branding, Data Import/Export, Delivery Tracking, Order Management, Order Tracking, Package Tracking, Parcel Shipping, Search/Filter, Shipment Tracking, Shipping Labels, Shipping Management, Status Tracking, Third-Party Integrations, eCommerce Management, Returns Management, and many more fascinating features.

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7. Openshipping

Openshipping is based on open standards and frameworks having capabilities of bringing efficiency to the supply chain. It helps logistics and shipping companies to digitize their shipping operations and grow their business and profitability. It provides seamless integration with other software as well to get the functionality required to make the tasks relating to shipment and order delivery easier.

Key Features includes, Allows to create and enter information for shipments and edit this information within 7 days, Automates the shipping label printing process, The membership of openshipping is available to all carriers, forwarders, shippers, and service providers in the shipping industry, Helps in staying compliant with the shipping related rules and regulations set by the local Government and the standards frameworks and supported documents are free to use by all the registered users.

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8. Trackhive

Trackhive is a software used to track multiple shipments dispatched by various service providers like USPS, UPS, Australia Post, FedEx, Delhivery, and access the accurate status of your shipment from a single interface. It is a shipment tracking platform with rich features helping online retailers to eliminate their shipment hassles and allow them to focus on growing their business.

Its Key Features includes:

  • Allows sending proactive shipment notifications on a real-time basis.
  • Provides delivery status as and when the shipment moves from one place to another.
  • Can handle multiple shipments in a day by different service providers.
  • Can customize shipping collaterals.
  • Responsive interface allowing you to access the system from any device and any place.
  • Allows you to ship and track all your eCommerce orders from a single interface.
  • Easy integration with other tools to provide high-end functionality.
  • Enables setting reminders to for scheduled shipments.
  • In-depth reporting showing the exact situation of your business.

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This article covers the best and open-source shipping software that empowers, enhances, and controls the companies’ and organizations shipping processes from top to bottom with high efficiencies and accuracies resulting in building strong customer relations. It also helps and guides through in achieving higher engagements, greater conversions with the built-in powerful and intuitive features and tools. They include Shippo, OpenBoxes, PrestaShop, ShippingEasy, ShipStation, ShipRush, Openshipping and Trackhive respectively.

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