Best 3 Free and Open-Source Training Software Solutions

The workforce is the backbone of any organization or a business and to keep them always motivated and equipped, it is necessary to enhance their skills according to the business relevance. As training always enriches one's working efficiency by aiding in delivering the desired level of competence and positive output. Organizations and businesses continually arrange training and development sessions and engaging and knowledgeable activities to empower the workforce further in their respected forte. Therefore, companies invest in training software solutions that keep the whole workforce to be fully equipped and trained regarding the new technologies, skills, or other intellectual and professional tools to boost productivity.

Here at LinuxAPT, we shall look into the best 3 free and open-source training software solutions that are well-known in equipping the teams and boosting the productivity of management and their subordinates by learning and implementing new strategies and solutions with the help of training software.

1. Lessonly

Lessonly is an open-source training and learning software that always comes in handy in daily routine tasks, whether that be delivering the maximum output or even how to intensify the productivity by checking the insights to track metrics and do better by learning more through this platform and keeps the teams and related stakeholders leverage in the competitive market.

The marvelous features incorporated in this open-source training software are as follows, Single Sign-On, Skills Assessment, Skills Tracking, Reminders, Reporting & Statistics, Performance Management, Performance Metrics, Presentation Tools, Goal Setting & Tracking, Employee Handbook, Employee Onboarding, Employee Portal, Employee Self Service, Interactive Content, Job Description Management, Learner Portal, Learning Management, Learning Paths & Tracks, Third-Party Integrations, Training Administration, Training Companies, Training Management, Training Record Management, User Management, Talent Management, Task Management, Tests and Assessments, and many more down the list.

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2. Learn

Learn is an amazing open-source training software that aids companies and businesses to grow professionally and keep their assigned teams and management equipped with the updated e-lessons, pieces of training, content creation, also helps in business analytics and many more to stay ahead in the game of business along with being valuable.

The super intuitive features embedded in the software are Assessment Management, Assignment Management, Asynchronous Learning, Blended Learning, Built-in Course Authoring, Built-in LMS, Certification & Licensing, Certification Tracking, Content Library, Content Management, Corporate and Business, Course Authoring, Course Library, Course Management, Course Tracking, Customizable Branding, Reporting & Analytics, Role-Based Permissions, Training Companies, Training Management, Video Support, Virtual Classroom, eCommerce Management, eLearning Companies, Access Controls & Permissions, API capabilities, and the list goes on.

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3. Talent LMS

TalentLMS is an outstanding talent management system that equips teams, employees, companies workforce, and guides to keep up to date regarding the e-learnings from a gigantic content and lessons library according to one's requirements and needs to grow professionally.

The superlative features consisting in the software are as follows Activity Tracking, Adaptive Learning, Alerts and Notifications, Assessment Management, Assignment Management, Asynchronous Learning, Audio, and Video Recording, Blended Learning, Built-in Course Authoring, Built-in LMS, CRM facility, Cataloging and Categorization, Certification & Licensing, Certification Management, Certification Tracking, Class Scheduling, Competency Management, Compliance Management, Compliance Tracking, Conferencing, Contact Management, Content Library, Content Management, Corporate/Business, Course Authoring, Course Library, Course Management, Course Publishing, Course Tracking, SSL Security, Screen Sharing, Social Media Integration, Virtual Classroom, eCommerce Management, e-Learning Companies, and many more down the list.

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This article covers the best 3 free and open-source training software that enhances the skills personally and professionally which has become a need continuously in the world of business to deliver better and more. These includes Lessonly, Learn, and Talent LMS respectively.

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