The Best 5 Free and Open-Source GPS and Vehicle Management Software

In today's world of business, it is of utmost importance to have a digital presence combined with speed, trackability, accuracy, and convenience. To capture the masses, it is essential to have delivery services where the customers and consumers can track their orders and have information about their whereabouts. 

Due to the power of the Global Positioning System (GPS), many gigantic companies have made a fortune out of it. Companies keep themselves updated regarding modern, new technologies to stay ahead during the cutthroat competition. These digital developments in the automotive and telematics sector have led to a huge amount of GPS applications with distinct capabilities. 

GPS tracking systems enable and empower companies in not just tracking a single parcel rather the whole fleet of companies and the processes attached to it in depth and detail. Therefore, companies invest in such software that empowers the complete vehicle management system and makes the flexible process to go seamless. These robust tools come with multiple benefits that encourage e-commerce businesses as well to stay on top. 

Companies and brands can easily have trackability and visibility on their product deliveries in real-time and guide them to take timely decisions to minimize the freight spend depending on current supply chain processes. The software enables the users to generate e-billing, invoicing, processing & auditing which comes in handy during the accounting process. 

The analytics and reports assist in getting real-time data tracking and improving customer satisfaction by lowering the delays in orders. With the help of these powerful tools, it contributes to massive revenue and customer engagements as well.

Here at LinuxAPT, we shall look into the best 5 free, open-source GPS and Vehicle Management Software that assist companies and brands to cater services to customers at their doorstep by providing speed, accuracy, and convenience.

Main Features of a Fleet Management Software includes:

  • Assets, vehicles, and different types of equipment.
  • Maintenance and repair.
  • Guiding drivers, if any instruction is required
  • Fuel and emissions.
  • Parts and inventory.
  • Accident and risk management.
  • Regulatory and legal compliance.
  • Budget and forecasting.
  • Workshops and scheduling – inspections, defect reporting, and audits.

1. Detrack

Detrack is a fascinating software that helps companies to assess, track, and analyze deliveries in real-time by providing the maximum facility to their customers. It has a vast amount of intuitive features that speed up the process and minimize human efforts and errors resulting in accuracy and convenience.

The powerful features included in this GPS tracking open-source software are Shipping Labels, Status Tracking, Surveys & Feedback, Task Scheduling, Third-Party Integrations capabilities, Real-Time Data, Real-Time Monitoring, Real-Time Notifications, Real-time Updates, Recurring Tasks, Reporting & Statistics, Reporting/Analytics, Route Management, Location Tracking, Mobile Access, Mobile Alerts, Mobile Signature Capture, Order Entry, Order Management, Order Tracking, Data Import/Export, Delivery Tracking, Digital Signature, Dispatch Management, Drag & Drop, Driver ETA, Driver Management, API facility, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, Alerts & Escalation, Alerts & Notifications, Automated Scheduling, Barcode & Ticket Scanning, Cash on Delivery, and the list goes on.

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2. GPS Trackit

GPS Trackit is yet another powerful software that empowers businesses with their fleet with cutting-edge technology and customizable features according to one’s need. The tool provides a list of multiple tasks for instance the current location of a vehicle, the last event recorded, or even the latest update.

The super features incorporated in this GPS Tracking software are Work Order ManagementOrder Management, Quotes and Estimates, Routing, Scheduling facility, Tire Management, Trip Logs, VIN Lookup, Vehicle Management, Load Optimization, Maintenance Management, Mileage Tracking, Incident Reporting, Inspection Management, Inventory Management, Dispatch Management, Driver Management, Employee Management, Activity tracking, and many more.

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3. Onfleet

Onfleet is another GPS and vehicle management software that comprises insightful features and provides reports and analysis helping companies to take many efficient and effective decisions and strategies.

The features incorporated in this super GPS and vehicle tracking software are Performance Metrics, Progress Tracking, Proof of Delivery, Real-Time Analytics, Real-Time Data, Real-Time Monitoring, Real-Time Notifications, Real-Time Reporting, Real-time Updates, Reporting & Statistics, Reporting & Analytics, Route History, Status Tracking, Surveys & Feedback, Task Scheduling, Territory Management, Third Party Integrations capabilities, Geographic Maps, Geolocation, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, Alerts & Escalation, Alerts & Notifications, Barcode / Ticket Scanning, and the list goes on.

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4. Track-POD

Track-POD, a well-known software that helps companies in route planning and optimization to save costs and time with a powerful dashboard to see the whereabouts of deliveries, along with customer portals to add/manage their orders.

This powerful software consists of fascinating, intuitive, and competitive features like Cross Docking, Customer Database, Customer Management, Customer Portal, Data Import/Export, Delivery Tracking, Demand Forecasting, Digital Signature, Dispatch Management, Drag & Drop, Driver ETA, Driver Management, Electronic Signature, Emergency Dispatch, Employee Management, Fleet Management, GPS, Geofencing, Geographic Maps, Geolocation, Incident Reporting, Inspection Management, Label Printing, Labeling, Live Driver Tracking, Real-Time Analytics, Real-Time Data, Real-Time Monitoring, Real-Time Notifications, Real-Time Reporting, Tire Management, Transportation Management, Trip Logs, Two-Way Communication, Vehicle Management, and the list goes on.

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5. Odoo

Odoo is a suite of free and open source software applications, and fleet management software is one of the unique software programs among them. The company owns 3 million users who are growing their business with it. It is a fully integrated and customizable open source-software that also serves in the sectors like inventory, management, accounting, CRM, and other business needs.

Its features includes:

  • Fuel Management and GPS tracking are primary features of the software.
  • Calendar and Reminder system associated with the software provides prompt reminders of the issues.
  • It facilitates mobile access, document storing facility, and segmentation.
  • Marketing automation integration and social media integration of the software.
  • The software supports email marketing, and internal chat integration to communicate with the users.

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This article covers the best, free open-source GPS and Vehicle Management Software that enables companies and empowers businesses to monitor and track the progress of their fleet and to stay ahead in the game to take timely decisions resulting in more positive outcomes and business growth. These include Detrack, GPS Trackit, Onfleet, Track-POD and Odoo respectively.

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