The Best 5 Free and Open-Source Logistics Software

Businesses have evolved in the past two decades and have majorly shifted to e-commerce and due to this globalization, where the customer engagement has been tapped from local to global, it has created a need for speedy and convenient delivery services for a stronger and better relationship with customers. As the businesses are tapping masses and beyond demographics according to one's target audience, therefore they require to be organized and equipped fully to look after their smooth logistic services. 

Without a doubt, businesses face multiple challenges however, there’s always been a solution or at least to minimize the negative impact and intensity and to deal with them efficiently to deliver the best services to the end-users for maximum customer conversion. Companies used to face and those who don't invest still face such as fuel and transportation costs, it gets tough to deal with many complex figures and data to deal for a seamless discharge of operations, investing in such software aids in managing the data process and deals with it on its own smoothly. 

The enhancement and improvement in the business processes are of utmost importance, therefore companies invest in such powerful logistics software to overcome the challenges, minimize the human efforts and risks, and transform them into positive outcomes. It assists companies in having thorough visibility and control of the inventory as it becomes a challenging task in the world of e-commerce. 

With the use of logistic software, it provides a competitive edge for businesses to contribute much better customer services, where the customer can have a real-time update on their orders and packages, and much more information during the journey of the order delivery. 

The software comes in handy and consists of powerful services and tools that boost productivity along with a higher number of physical and digital presence which helps in maximum customer conversion. 

Here at LinuxAPT, we will look into the best 5 free and open-source logistics software that perfectly delivers and manages the supply chain of businesses effectively and efficiently to convert more customers and generate higher revenues.

Main features of logistics software includes:

  • Transportation Management – The logistic management software has the function of dispatch scheduling, automated carrier selection (to decide the smartest shipping method for each delivery), route optimization, shipment consolidation, and real-time tracking of cargo. 
  • Costing and Invoicing Control - The logistic software solution features the advanced capability to process and apply policies like service contracts effortlessly. The customers are invoiced on time. It also incorporates the features of shipping tasks, receiving, and storage. 
  • Risk Management – The logistics system simplifies the accident or calamity management, insurance claims, lost freight, and other incidents. It has the facility to identify potential areas to lessen the risk, for example, a proper system to analyze driver history.
  • Supply Chain Analytics – The logistic operations are offered by the analytics tools that help in capitalizing the existing data. The reforms are introduced based on a substantial number and proven facts. Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools can power the latest analytics and data-crunching devices. 
  • Mobility solutions - Logistic firms can have a clear overview of the business management process due to mobility solutions. The real-time updates are delivered on mobiles that help in providing critical information to all the stakeholders.
  • Inventory Management - The vital aspect of logistics is to optimize the inventory management that helps in ensuring that the organization can store stock goods, raw materials, and supplies which in turn helps in the proper flow of goods. 
  • Client Web Portals - The third-party logistics can view product histories, inventory figures, and shipment records remotely by making use of his feature. The third-party logistics companies get complete inventory control even when they are off-site due to the functionality of client web portals. 
  • Integrated Accounting - The logistics system maintains the seamless information transfer between the management of freight and payment by handling quotes, expenses, billing, invoicing, receivables, and even currency transactions. 
  • Warehouse Management - The logistics software includes barcode or RFID scanning inventory transfer and smart storage tools that help the warehouse manager regarding storage location decisions and support with picking and packing.

1. GoFreight

GoFreight is an open-source logistics software that provides and caters best delivery services maintaining and boosting the best delivery services possible along with great customer services. It assists in empowering businesses to analyze critical information and facilitates in making the right decisions timely according to their business growth.

The powerful analytical features consisting in this logistics software are as follows, Freight Shipping, Ground Shipping, Historical Reporting, Import and Export Management, International Forwarders, Invoice Management, Local Forwarders, Location Tracking, Real-time Updates, Reporting & Statistics, Shipment Price Calculation, Shipment Tracking, Shipping Management, Status Tracking, Transportation Management, Truckload Management, Warehouse Management, Waybills, Website Integration, and the list go on.

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The software comes with a vast variety of intuitive features such as Live Tracking, Mileage Tracking, Mobile Access, Mobile Signature Capture, Order Entry, Order Management, Performance Metrics, Reporting and Analytics, Route History, Route Management, Route Optimization Surveys & Feedback, Territory Management, Third-Party Integrations capabilities, Emergency Dispatch, Fleet Management, Barcoding, and RFID option, Carrier Management, Cross Docking, Customer Database, Transportation Management, Two-Way Communication, and a lot more down the list.

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3. Tailwind TMS

Tailwind is a well-known and practical solution for logistics and supply chain services that have empowered businesses to cater to customers belonging to different demographics. It provides transparency and ultimate visibility into shipping events and contributes to generating intelligent insights with unlimited up-to-the-mark technology to boost productivity.

The features incorporated in this software are Billing & Invoicing, CRM, Carrier Management, Client Portal, Contact Database, Customer Database, Customer Management, Customer Portal, Data Import/Export, Fleet Management, Fuel Management, GPS, Historical Reporting, Import/Export Management, International Forwarders, LTL / Shared Truckload, Live Driver Tracking, Load Optimization, Local Forwarders, Maintenance Management, Maintenance Scheduling, Mileage Tracking, Route Management, Scheduling, Shipment Tracking, Third-Party Integration capability, Transportation Management, Trip Logs, and much more.

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4. Tookan

Tookan is a market-competitive logistic service with powerful and intuitive features that guide companies and businesses to provide the best delivery services to their audience. The software assists in maintaining and providing controlling and visibility functions on tasks, optimizing routes, and managing all resource allocation for a single platform. It offers the services of monitoring orders in delivery in real-time and receive notifications regarding the packages.

The amazing features incorporated in the software are Third-Party Integrations, Timesheet Management, Transportation Management, Two-Way Communication, Work Order Management, Self Service Portal, Shipping Management, Sick Leave Tracking, Real-Time Reporting, Real-time Updates, Recurring Tasks, Reporting & Statistics, GPS, Geofencing, Geographic Maps, Geolocation, Gift Card Management, Delivery Tracking Appointment Management, Automated Scheduling, Barcode / Ticket Scanning, Billing & Invoicing, Activity Tracking, many more down the list.

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5. OpenTCS 

OpenTCS is the free logistic software that helps in controlling the vehicles efficiently. This open-source logistic software serves as the fleet management system that manages automatic vehicles effortlessly. This logistic software can be used with other automated vehicles like mobile robots or quadcopters. 

The pluggable vehicle drivers of OpenTCS implements the communication protocols and a graphical frontend that helps in making and visualizing the logical models of areas the vehicles are moving in. 

Its features includes: Platform independent, Vendor independent, Pluggable vehicle drivers, Independent of vehicle manufacturer or vendor, Replaceable strategies for routing and scheduling of vehicles, The flexible, usable control system, Customer Management, Tracking and Warehouse Management.

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This article covers the best 5 free and open-source logistics software that provides the best delivery services and manage the complete supply chain management. In fact, Businesses invest in such effective and powerful software that empowers them on getting a complete hold on multiple complex activities varying from tracking deliveries, routing along with providing the best delivery services and grabbing the audience with engaging features that equip the businesses to use the insights tactfully according to their needs to stand strong in the cutthroat competition. These includes GoFreight, URBANTZ, Tailwind TMS, Tookan and OpenTCS respectively. 

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