Install R Programming Language on Fedora 35 - Step by step guide ?

Developed by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka in 1993, R is a free and open-source programming language that is mostly used in statistical computing & modeling, data analytics, and scientific research. In a 2021 survey, R programming comes fourth after Python, Javascript, and Java in the list of programming languages extensively used in data science.

R is widely used by data scientists and researchers to retrieve, analyze and visualize data. The R programming language is mostly used in institutions such as Manufacturing, e-Commerce, healthcare, and financial institutions such as Banks to perform risk analysis such as credit risk analysis.

Here at LinuxAPT, we shall look into how to install the R programming language on Fedora 34/35.

Notable companies that use R include:

  • Google – For economic forecasting and ensuring advertising effectiveness.
  • Facebook – For behavioral analysis in relation to status updates, reactions, profile pictures, etc.
  • Twitter – Semantic clustering and data visualization.
  • Uber – Statical modeling and analysis.
  • ANZ Banking group – Risk analysis.

Steps to install the R programming language on Fedora

1. Perform System Update

To begin, launch your terminal and update the system packages:

$ sudo dnf update

2. Install dependencies on the system

Now, run the command below to install dependencies:

$ sudo dnf install dnf-utils dnf-plugin-config-manager dnf-plugins-core 

3. Install R programming language on your system

Installing R is quite a straightforward task since R is already available in Fedora repositories. To install R, simply run the command:

$ sudo dnf install R

During the installation, hit Y to continue installing R alongside all its dependencies and some additional packages.

Once installed confirm the version of R:

$ R --version

The installation also installs other additional components which include:

  • Minimal R components: R-core.
  • File for the development of R packages without Java: R-core-devel.
  • Java development package for R components: R-java-devel.
  • Java Runtime Environment provided by Fedora: R-java.
  • Headers from the standalone Math library: libRmath-devel.
  • Standalone math Library for R project: libRmath.

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This article covers how you can install the R programming language on Fedora 35. In fact, R is a programming language and programming software that is utilized for analyzing statistics, data modeling, graphical portrayal, and detailing. It involves the algorithms from machine learning, linear regression, time series, etc. R is the best software tool for programming developers, analysts, and data miners who are anticipating and trying to present the data in convincing manners.

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