The Best 7 Free and Open-Source Onboarding Software

HR is one of the core disciplines of any company or organization. As the onboarding process in every company is the most crucial and most essential one, the techniques and principles are set to standard regarding the overall onboarding process for a smooth employees transition and the onboarding journey into a company. Employees feel welcomed and confident if the process is smooth and generates positive and strong feedback in the mind. 

All the factors whether getting used to the policies, environment, or culture it builds up the performance, loyalty, engagement level, and retention of employees. Companies invest in superlative and intuitive software that eliminates human error and efforts. 

The software provides a wide range of benefits, if fully utilized, for instance, the employee turnover rate remains minimum, performance boosts from knowing the fact of the smooth onboarding process, it also assists employees in acquainting themselves with their supervisors and managers. 

Similarly, it also aids in providing tools that help in analyzing and tracking various aspects of the complete process which contributes to the right and best employment.

Here at LinuxAPT, we shall look into the 7 best, free, and open-source onboarding software that empowers companies HR departments that produces the most productive employees with minimum turnover rate.

Main Features of Onboarding Software includes:

  • Analytics and Reporting Interface - Tracking and analyzing several aspects of onboarding is beneficial. Better employee engagement is a product of better analysis of the entire onboarding process.
  • Paperless document storage and sharing – Onboarding software helps eradicate problems associated with paper-based filing methods. Cloud-based document storing is the new norm.  
  • Digital form filling – Onboarding software can read data on important documents - such as resumes. The data can then auto-populate forms.  
  • Process and workflow Automation – Reminder and document management are examples of processes that can be automated. Automation of tasks reduce HR workload. 
  • Task updates – A dedicated task interface keeps track of all deliverables from employees during the onboarding process. The onboarding software also records training progress and scores of individual modules.  
  • Communications interface - The onboarding system helps new hires communicate with designated HRs representatives and team members.
  • Compliance management – The onboarding software can be programmed to ensure all documents submitted - as part of the administrative process - meet compliance protocols.
  • Reminder and notification management – Reminders and notifications are used by HRs to convey deadlines, and other information, to new employees.
  • General Information Section – All necessary information about the organization – from teams to managers to organizational history – can be displayed in this section. 
  • Multi-user access – The HCM systems ensures accountability. It helps track personnel responsible for employee interactions, as well as other aspects of onboarding.

1. BambooHR

BambooHR is a powerful onboarding software that helps in the complete onboarding process from scratch and leaves a positive image in the mind of employees. It comes with a vast range of features that comes in handy in many ways to the HR team to get the desired positive results.

The intuitive and analytical features incorporated in this software are Time Tracking, Timesheet Management, Training Management, Trend Analysis, Turnover Tracking, Vacation/Leave Tracking, Skills Tracking Reporting/Analytics, Resume Storage, Retirement Plan Management, Review Cycle Tracking, Role-Based Permissions, Overtime Calculation, Payroll Management, Payroll Reporting, Peer Appraisals, Performance Appraisal, Performance Management, Performance Metrics, HR Management, HR Metrics Library, Applicant Tracking, Application Management, Approval Process Control, Archiving & Retention, Assessment Management, and the list go on.

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2. Zenefits

Zenefits is another onboarding software that is well-known and assists companies in assessing and managing the hiring process, easy to run background checks on employees. It also provides valuable data and insights into business performance.

The amazing features incorporated in this onboarding software are Approval Process Control, Attendance Management, Attendance Tracking, Benefits Management, Biometric Recognition, Compensation Management, Compliance Management, Configurable Workflow, Contractor Management, Customizable Fields, Customizable Reports, Employee Management, Employee Onboarding, Employee Profiles, Employee Scheduling, Overtime Calculation, Payroll Management, Payroll Reporting, Peer Appraisals, Sick Leave Tracking, Skills Assessment, Time Off Management, Time Off Requests, Timesheet Management, Vacation/Leave Tracking and many more down the list.

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3. BizMerlinHR

BizMerlinHR helps in getting employees onboard seamlessly starting from the recruitment stage to training and introducing with the existing team members of a company. It provides a speedy onboarding process as the paperwork is eliminated and offers electronic signing documents features as well.

The market competitive features included in this software are On-going Performance Tracking, Onboarding, Organizational Charting, Orientation Workflow Management, Payroll Management, Peer Appraisals, Recruitment Management, Reminders, Reporting/Analytics, Resume Parsing, Resume Search, Skills Assessment, Social Media Integration, Succession Management, Succession Planning, Training Management, Vacation/Leave Tracking, Employee Self Service, Goal Management, Goal Setting / Tracking, HR Management, Applicant Tracking, Assessment Management, Attendance Tracking, and the list go on.

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4. Newired

Newired software provides a solution with a smooth flow of the entire onboarding process along with the reports and analytical features to help companies make the right decisions timely for maximum productivity.

The features consisting in this software are as follows Job Description Management, Knowledge Management, Launch Management, Training Administration, Training Companies, Training Management, Surveys & Feedback, Synchronous Learning, Task Management, Tests/Assessments, Performance Management, Performance Metrics, Predictive Analytics, Employee Handbook, Employee Onboarding, Audience Targeting, and more down the list.

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5. WorkBright

WorkBright is a complete HR solution for the entire onboarding process assisting in the induction of new employees which eliminates the extra costs and administrative efforts assigned with it.

The features included are Orientation Workflow Management, Payroll Management, Recruitment Management Job Description Management Employee Handbook, Employee Management, Employee Onboarding, Employee Portal Document Management, E-Verify/I-9 Forms, Electronic Forms, Compliance Management Applicant Tracking Activity Tracking and Dashboard, Alerts & Notifications, and the list goes on.

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6. Justworks

Justworks is a powerful solution for onboarding and companies can also get benefits regarding the support required for employee compliance needs. In general, it speeds up the complete process and contributes additional value to the company.

The features incorporated in this software are as follows Employee Benefits Administration, Employee Database, Employee Onboarding, Employee Portal, Employee Profiles, Employee Self Service, Employee Time Tracking, Expense Tracking, Learning & Development, Leave Tracking, Life Insurance Administration, Third Party Integrations Capabilities, Time Off Management, Time Off Requests, Vacation/Leave Tracking, Access Controls/Permissions, Activity Dashboard, Alerts/Notifications, Benefits Management, and many more.

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7. Zoho People Plus

Last but not least, Zoho People Plus has been assisting companies with the entire process from scratch initiating from the stage of onboarding till retirement along with the access to tools like talent acquisition, payroll, employee management, and many more. It provides the best features one crave for the betterment of the employee and overall companies’ presence and credibility.

The powerful and intuitive features incorporated in this software are as follows, Third-Party Integrations capabilities, Self-Assessment, Self Service Portal, Shift Swapping, Sick Leave Tracking, Overtime Calculation, Payroll Management, Peer Appraisals, Performance Appraisal, Performance Management, Performance Metrics, Offline Time Tracking, On-going Performance Tracking, Online Punch Card, Online Time Clock, Online Time Tracking, Learning & Development, Leave Tracking, Messaging, Mobile Access, Mobile Learning, Mobile Time Tracking, Employee Database, Employee Management, Employee Onboarding, Benefits Management, Billable & Non-Billable Hours, Billable Items Tracking, Billing & Invoicing feature, Time Off Management, Time Off Requests, Time Tracking, Timesheet Management, Training Management, Vacation/Leave Tracking and many more down the list.

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This article covers the best 7 free and open-source onboarding software that empowers companies and organizations for a seamless onboarding process of employees from the initial step till the end efficiently. They include BambooHR, Zenefits, BizMerlinHR, Newired, WorkBright, Justworks, and Zoho People Plus respectively. 

Main Advantages of Onboarding Software includes:

  • Streamlining of a lot of HR functions.
  • Easy form filling, filing and storage.
  • Cloud-based communications.
  • Higher employee engagement, and subsequently retention. 
  • Device independence. 
  • Ease of sharing files.
  • Onboarding data analytics and reporting.
  • Continuous task updates.
  • Adherence to document compliance.
  • Automation of menial tasks, which improve employee productivity.
  • Accountability. 
  • Security.
  • Reliability. 
  • Real-time Accessibility.

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