The Best 6 Free and Open-Source Purchasing Software

From the perspective of the customer's lens, the process starting from ordering or buying till the delivery at their doorstep seems easy however, it consists of complex processes that must be streamlined which involve improving supply chain management for instance. The buyers main concern is always in emphasizing and optimizing strategy-oriented purchase plans which helps in making a smart decision like when and how much quantity to buy. The managers at the procurement department or help responsible as purchase managers must keep a keen eye on every penny spent to optimize the strategy and gain more. The traditional way always includes the purchase or procurement team to identify the suppliers which leads to negotiating prices and understanding the terms and conditions and finally the dispatch of the purchase order. All these steps sound hectic and pretty time-consuming. Therefore, businesses tend to invest in such purchasing software that empowers them and enables them to streamline the complete supply chain management system, and aids them in automating the entire workflow of processes. These powerful tools and software assist companies in managing the entire purchase activities involving and ensuring the amount of quantity and quality goods available and maintaining the costs. It contributes to maximizing the profits along with establishing good terms with the suppliers as well. The software comprises intuitive and amazing features that help in audit trails, for instance, aids in managing the inventory, a dashboard display that involves a complete picture of the stocks, and the overall movement of goods. It also assists in compliance management in purchasing and helps to watch the stakeholders involved in selling or purchasing goods making sure they adhere to the terms and conditions. The purchasing software are in use in various areas of manufacturing, e-commerce, the health sector, hotels, and restaurants, etc. It helps in lowering the expenditure of companies while negotiating the best price and ensuring the best quality. It provides a clear picture of entire stock levels which gives insights into the goods in demand in the market. With the use of these robust tools, companies can ensure a strong relationship with the suppliers, buyers, and end-users by optimizing and improving the overall system.

Here at LinuxAPT, we shall look into the best 6 free and open-source purchasing software that enables the companies and businesses supply chain management which builds a concrete connection with the stakeholders ensuring maximum gains.

Main Features of Purchasing Software includes:

  • Audit Trails - Helps to validate the recorded transactions in the purchase order document.
  • Compliance Management - Compliance management in purchasing keeps a vigil on all people associated with purchasing or selling goods to ensure that they adhere to terms and conditions. 
  • Contract Management - Contract management in purchasing is a legal document that defines the terms and conditions of purchase, the agreed price of the purchased goods, mode of payment, etc. 
  • Inventory Management -  The purchasing software also allows businesses to efficiently manage and streamline their inventory levels, avoiding excess stocking and stock-out situations.  
  • Supplier Management - Strengthen and manage your relationship with suppliers getting the best quality products at affordable prices and trace past interactions. 
  • Invoice Processing - Create, process, and manage the supplier's invoice unless they get complete payment for the goods dispatched. 
  • Request for Quotation - Create a purchase order and invite quotations from multiple suppliers for the product or service. 
  • Purchase Order  -  Create and manage a purchase catalog that indicates the type of goods needed, quantity, and agreed prices for the products. 
  • Sourcing Management - Helps to negotiate an optimum price between the buyer and the supplier.  
  • Spend Management - Gain control over your spending and ensure that the suppliers are paid following the procured goods agreed price.
  • Spend Dashboard - A spend dashboard enables you to track your expenditure and view the spending analytics through graphs and statistics. It helps you to control unwanted spendings. 

1. Precoro

Precoro assists in eliminating excessive human efforts and errors resulting in saving time and costs. It's a robust procurement software that helps in keeping all the essential information regarding the purchase orders, budgets, list of vendors in one place.

The robust features of the mentioned software are as follows Budgeting and Forecasting, Cataloging & Categorization, Expense Tracking, Performance Metrics, Third-Party Integrations capabilities, Transaction History, Planning Tools, Purchase Order Management, Spend Analysis and Management, Purchasing & Receiving Reports, Procurement Management, Inventory Management, Inventory Tracking, Invoice Management, Invoice Processing, and the list go on.

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2. Fraxion

Fraxion is another purchasing software that contributes to the smooth supply chain management system ensuring a high quality of relationship with the potential stakeholders and creating a positive difference in the lives of end-users with super-intuitive features.

The powerful features included in this software are as follows, Collaboration Tools, Expense Claims, Expense Tracking, Invoice Processing and Management, Procurement Management, Purchasing and Receiving Reports, Spend Management and Control, Third Party Integrations capabilities, Time & Expense Tracking, Transaction History, Financial Analysis, Financial Management, Compliance Management, Configurable Workflow, Contract, and License Management, and many more down the list.

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3. SutiProcure

SutiProcure is free and open-source purchasing software that enables companies to build a strong and seamless process of the supply chain while ensuring the best quality and amount of quantity of goods available in the inventory. It comprises various features that aid in having a complete picture of the overall processes.

The amazing features consisting in this software are access to Transaction History, Vendor Management, Sourcing Management, Order Tracking, Fixed Asset Management, Inventory Management, Invoice Management, Alerts and Notifications, Approval Process Control, Audit Trail, Billing & Invoicing, Budgeting & Forecasting, Invoice Processing, Performance Metrics, Procurement Management, Purchase Order Management, Purchasing & Receiving, Purchasing Reports, Real-Time Analytics, Spend Management, Requisition Management, Supplier Management, Vendor Master Data Management, Vendor Payment, Warehouse Management, Workflow Management, and the list go on.

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4. Odoo

Odoo is a business application suite that consists of various management system that also involves features and specifications of purchasing. It helps in automating and streamlining all the complex processes and putting the data into one place from where the purchasing managers have access to stay up to date regarding the order details, budgets, tracking, and inventory levels.

The superlative features consisting in this software are Work Order Management, Shipping Management, Sales & Operations Planning, Purchase Order Management, Product Identification, Pricing Management, Order Management, Order Processing, Order Tracking, Production Management, Production Scheduling, Production Tracking, Purchasing & Receiving, Quality Assurance, Sales Automation, Sales Forecasting, Tracking Sales Orders, Sales Pipeline Management, Workflow Management, Transportation Management, Source Control, Sourcing Management, Special Order Management, e-commerce Management, and much more.

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VISCO is a powerful tool that empowers users to the extent of knowing and maintaining the stock levels according to demands and contributes to monitoring and streamlining the complex supply chain processes.

It consists of numerous features some of it are as follows Transportation Management, Vendor Management, Status Tracking, Sales & Operations Planning, Reporting & Analytics, Fleet Management, Contract & License Management, Alerts/Notifications, Approval Process Control, Audit Management, Cost Tracking, Customer Database, Forecasting, Requisition Management, Purchase Order Management, Order Processing, Inventory Optimization, Inventory Replenishment, Inventory Tracking, Invoice Management, Order Tracking, Procurement Management, Product Identification, Purchasing & Receiving, Sales Forecasting, Stock Management, Strategic Planning, Supplier Management, Supplier Qualification, Supplier Risk Management, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management, and much more.

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6. CatalystK

CatalystK is a free and open source purchase requisition management software that helps you to generate purchase orders, requests quickly, and goods received note (GRN). You can manage the purchase invoices with ease. 

In addition to being a viable purchasing tool, CatalystK is also the best-in-class free and open source manufacturing software. It helps all small manufacturing companies and units to improve and enhance their production process. 

It's Features includes:

  • Generate purchase orders and requests, displaying complete details of the suppliers. 
  • Track the status of purchase requests in real-time to check whether it has been approved, pending, or rejected. 
  • Quickly track and analyze the suppliers providing optimum quality goods and services and manage supplier contracts. 
  • Efficiently manage the procurement process with vendor details, purchase orders, invoice verification, and quotation with images. 
  • You can also send revised quotations, quotations without any image, email, or SMS your quotes.  
  • Get a comprehensive overview of sales orders that include sales projections, achievements, proforma invoices, etc.
  • The software allows you to manage your tasks and streamline the purchase workflow process. 
  • Various other features can help in seamless business operations and improve your purchasing experience. 

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This article covers the best, free and open-source purchasing software are comprised of intuitive and powerful tools and features that empower companies and businesses to streamline their supply chain management system along with monitoring the best quality and quantifying the stock level to fulfill the demands of the end-users. They include Precoro, Fraxion, SutiProcure, Odoo, VISCO and CatalystK respectively.

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