The Best 7 Free and Open-Source Exam Software Solutions

From the past few years, the format and traditional ways of assessments and test management systems have evolved. 

There exist numerous authorities within the universities, colleges, business organizations that choose e-exams over paper-based examinations. These web-based exam systems sound baffling initially however, the software solutions are developed with super-lative features and tools that enable the examiners or managers at companies to assess relevant investigations at their convenience. 

Exam software is a solution that aids in assessing candidates, with personality tests, exploring abilities, or even talent acquisitions. Businesses adapt and implement such software solutions within companies as it provides leverage, enhancement, and gains in the cutthroat competition in the long run. It assists companies in the selection of the right and best candidates with the use of such software according to one's needs. User-friendly interfaces, easy-to-use, and customized formats guide the examiners and the users to monitor, assess and help in tracking the progress. Therefore, universities, companies, etc. attain full control over the online or e-based assessment procedures.

Here at LinuxAPT, we shall look into the best 7 free and open-source exam software solutions that empower the examiners, managers to assess the candidates according to their requirements to ensure maximum productivity.

How does an Exam Software System work?

  • Install exam software and add a short description, including exam principles.
  • Add images, audios, and videos to make the exam look livelier.
  • Ensure that the explanation of the answers is displayed after completing the exam.
  • Schedule the start date and end date for the participants to access the exam.
  • Set the time limit for the exam attendees to attempt the entire examination.
  • Put the test online using Internet set up a facility.
  • Share the exam link with the participants to allow them to attempt the exam.
  • View the progress of the participants after the exam completes.
  • Check out the statistics per user or get the overall view of the performance of the group.

Who uses Exam Software?

  • Universities: Schools, colleges, and other training and skill development authorities utilize online solutions for examining the capacities of their students.
  • Private and Public Selection Authorities: Private and public authorities organize exams to enter into the leading education institutes and conduct exams like GRE, CAT, GATE and so on. Similarly, online examinations are conducted to select suitable candidates for jobs in Civil Services, Engineering Services, and Railways, etc.
  • Companies: Businesses and companies in the modern technology work sphere always want their employees to stay up-to-date and so, promotional exams are conducted periodically.
  • Short-Term Value Addition Tests: Even employees also prefer opting for some online courses to enhance their skill levels for which, online examinations becomes the easiest option to get certified soon.

1. Uxpertise XP

Uxpertise XP is an intuitive exam software tool for testing and proctoring within businesses and education sectors. The platform enables users in managing test questions, answers, scheduling, and grading with advanced features.

The superlative features consisting in this software are as follows, Assessment Management, Test Scheduling, Live Proctoring, Certification & Licensing, Test/Quiz Creation, Violation Tracking, Automated Proctoring, Automatic Grading, Multi-Language, Multi-Screen Recording, Online Tests, Question Library, Quizzes, Randomization facility, Reporting and Analytics, and many more.

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2. Test Invite

TestInvite is yet another powerful online examination software that is particularly designed for public administration, companies, and educators to conduct and supervise customizable web-based tests and exams. It also assists in putting restrictions to access for browser activity, helps in monitoring and record live streams to ensure fair and secure assessments.

The fascinating features included in this software are Automated Proctoring, Automatic Grading, Customizable Questions, Customizable Reports, Individualized Assessments, Lock Down, Mobile Access, Multi-Language options, Multi-User Collaboration, Online Tests, Personality Testing, Customizable Templates, Customizable Tests, Email Alerts, Candidate Comparison, Candidate Management, Certification & Licensing, Reporting & Analytics, Scoring facility, Secured Data Storage capabilities, Time Limits, Weighted Questions, and the list go on.

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3. FlexiQuiz

FleziQuiz web-based exam software allows users to create custom tests for customers, students, and employees. It can assess the results and be graded automatically by the software.

The super features incorporated in this software are having access to Student Management, Student Portal, Secured Data Storage facility, Progress Reports, Question Library, Quizzes, Real-Time Reporting, Registration Management, Reporting & Statistics, Self-Learning, Single Sign-On, Candidate Management, Certification & Licensing, Customizable Branding, Activity Dashboard, Alerts and Notifications, and many more.

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4. TestGorilla

TestGorilla is designed for the pre-employment phase that assists businesses to manage the entire hiring and onboarding process smoothly, from creating customized assessments and selecting the right candidate for the job role. It comes with an automated view of snapshots which is triggered if applicants exit the full-screen to prevent misuses and malpractices.

The features included in this software are as follows, Aptitude Testing, Assessment Management, Personality Testing, Pre-Employment Testing, Automated Proctoring, Skills Assessment, Third-Party Integrations, Time Limits, Status Tracking, Automatic Grading, Individualized Assessments, Real-Time Analytics, Remote Support, Reporting & Statistics, Interview Management, Interview Practice Session, Candidate Comparison, Candidate Management, Collaboration Tools, and much more.

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5. YouTestMe

YouTestMe is a web-based exam software solution to conduct online tests, assess results, and examine applicants during a live stream. The software is also designed for the public sector, government, military, colleges, and more.

The software contains powerful features such as Test Scheduling, Test/Quiz Creation, Reporting/Analytics, Multi-Language options, Data Import/Export, Data Security, Email Reminders, Assessment Management, Automated Proctoring, Automatic Grading, Candidate Management, Certification & Licensing, Content Management, Multi-Screen Recording, Third-Party Integrations, Time Limits, Violation Tracking, and many more.

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6. Synap

Synap is a one-stop platform for conducting e-exam preparations and live streams. It guides in creating, managing highly customized tests and assessments with a vast range of questions. Feedback from the reports can also be viewed to see in which areas the applicants performed the best.

This software contains features such as Assessment Management, Assignment Management, Asynchronous Learning, Employee Portal, Employee Training, Multi-Screen Recording, Real-Time Analytics, Training Administration, Violation Tracking, Weighted Questions, Multi-User Collaboration, Offline Tests, Engagement Tracking, Audio, and Video Recording, Course Tracking, Automated Proctoring, Certification & Licensing, Communication Management, Automatic Grading, Built-in Course Authoring, and the list go on.

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7. TCExam

TCExam is one of the best open source Computer-Based Assessment systems. It enables the trainers and educators to schedule, author, deliver and report on the online quizzes, tests, and examinations. It is a web-based system that is platform-independent, language-independent, and supports all W3C standards and guidelines.

Its Features includes:

  • TCExam open-source software comes with features like easy adaptability, quality, innovation, and security.
  • It is a GNU-Linux Operative System, supported by Apache Web server, MySQL Database Management System and PHP programming language.
  • The software requires a LAMP platform and the flexible technical requirements that let it become downloadable on almost any computer and run on any web server.
  • The software uses Open Standard protocols for data filing and interchange: TSV, XML, and PDF.
  • It uses a standard mark-up language for adding images, text formatting, multimedia objects like audios and visuals, and mathematical formulas.

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This article covers the best 7 free and open-source exam software solutions are Uxpertise XP, Test Invite, FlexiQuiz, TestGorilla, YouTestMe, Synap and TCExam respectively. In fact, these platforms comprise superlative and intuitive features that empower universities, colleges, companies, and even the private or public selection authorities in examining and determining the right and the best candidates. 

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