The 7 Best Free and Open-Source Lead Management Software

Before getting started with a business or any idea, the very first pre-requisite is to understand and jot down the list of a "buying persona" or even create an "avatar" for a particular product or service. After brainstorming the avatar, it becomes easy to target the desired audience and capture the market with multiple tools, techniques, and deep understanding of gauging the audience to stand out in the market or at least get known. 

The traditional way is always getting started by tapping the audience whether it's traditional marketing or if it is grabbing the attention of the masses via billboards or ads with a digital presence. All the potential leads, that show interest in the product or service in some way need to be tapped again to make them a customer and increase the conversion rate. Every business or organization aims at grabbing a higher number of customers regularly through all the marketing avenues that they have aimed for. Therefore, software like lead management comes in handy in situations where a potential lead shows interest in some way in the service and a product however steps back or checks out before the purchase. Lead management tools provide the perfect solutions for such scenarios where it empowers and assists businesses to engage with the new customers while retaining and increasing the engagements of the current ones. Businesses and organizations fully utilized the lead management technology where it can monitor and gauge the behavior and engagement of the leads timely. 

Whether it is a business-to-business or business-to-customer (B2B or B2C) it will always involve people in some way and companies jump in to cater to their desires and requirements by providing them the best and right services and solutions for their pain points. 

Businesses invest in these software platforms because it saves time, reduces human error and efforts by analyzing critical data like conversion rates, win-loss ratio, and whatnot. It also becomes beneficial for the companies as it helps in streamlining the lead lifecycle until conversion, guides in lead scoring and nurturing features with proper follow-ups enhances the quality of the lead and speeds up the entire process much more effectively and efficiently.

Here at LinuxAPT, we shall look into the best 7 free and open-source lead management software solutions that empower businesses to make the process of lead generation to conversion at a high success rate ensuring quality customers and generating higher revenue.

The main benefits of Lead Management Software Solutions includes:

  • Lead management software streamlines the lead lifecycle until conversion.
  • Lead prioritization becomes possible with the lead scoring and nurturing features and with proper follow up until it closes.
  • Efficient software-based operation that saves your time and unnecessary paper work.
  • Easy to eliminate or filter out the non-promising leads that are not going to work for your business.
  • The software lets the users understand the buying patterns of the promising prospects.

Main features of Lead Management Software Programs includes:

  • Lead Storage and Distribution – It includes handling leads gained through email, web forms, etc. Then such leads can be stored in a database, evaluated, and sent to the right sales representative.
  • Lead Scoring and Nurturing – It includes identifying promising leads based on online behavior, job title, demography and buying behavior. Nurturing tools are used to automate lead follow-ups to bolster the relationship with prospects until they are ready to buy the product.
  • Lead Analytics and Reporting – It includes generating lead reports to obtain sales and marketing results. The reports brief you about the most prominent business leads and successful sales campaigns.

1. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a super sales pipeline and lead management software for teams that are responsible for the massive sales, targeting, retargeting, managing a potential lead till a conversion. It helps the entire team to be on the same page and close successful leads ensuring a higher revenue for the companies.

The powerful features included in this software are as follows Activity Dashboard, Activity Management, Activity Tracking, Calendar Management, Calendar Sync, Calendar/Reminder System, Call List Management, Call Management, Call Recording, Campaign Management, Churn Management, Click Tracking, Client Tracking, Collaboration Tools, Configurable Workflow, Contact Database, Contact Management, Content Delivery, Document Management, Document Storage, Donor Management, Drag & Drop, Drip Campaigns, Email Management, Email Marketing, Email Response Control, Internal Chat Integration, Landing Pages/Web Forms, Lead Capture, Lead Distribution, Lead Engagement, Lead Generation, Lead Management, Lead Notifications, Lead Nurturing, Lead Qualification, Lead Segmentation, and many more down the list.

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2. Salesflare

Salesflare is another software for lead management for all sized businesses from engaging with a potential lead till the conversion stage. With enhanced features, it assists in streamlining the processes from a stranger to a brand evangelist phase and helps in gaining more customers.

The super-intuitive features included in this software are Lead Database Integration, Lead Distribution, Lead Engagement, Lead Generation, Lead Management, Lead Notifications, Lead Nurturing, Lead Qualification, Lead Segmentation, Lead Verification/Validation, Pipeline Management, Pipeline Reports, Predictive Analytics, Sales Automation, Sales Forecasting, Sales Onboarding & Training, Sales Pipeline Management, Subscription Management, Target Account Identification, Task Management, Task Scheduling, Contact Management, Content Delivery, Content Management, Conversion Tracking, and the list goes on.

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3. is a known software that offers enhanced business management tools. The software provides advanced team collaboration tools, along with ensuring the features required to ensure a satisfying end-user experience. The superlative features offered in the advanced tool mainly include 360-degree feedback, @mentions, API, access controls and permissions, account alerts, account management, activity dashboard, activity planning, activity tracking, activity and news feed, call center management, call list management, callback scheduling, campaign analytics, campaign management, campaign planning, campaign tracking, capacity management, capacity planning, case management chat and messaging, client management, client portal, client tracking, collaboration tools, collaborative development, customer database, customer engagement, customer management, customer profiles, customer segmentation, customer service analytics, customer support, customer surveys, supply chain management, etc.

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4. SalesRabbit

SalesRabbit is a powerful tool for tracking sales from scratch which is the management of the leads with analytical tools to monitor the progress on potential leads and ensure high conversions.

The features incorporated in this software are as follows Lead Distribution, Lead Engagement, Lead Management, Lead Notifications, Lead Nurturing, Lead Qualification, Lead Segmentation, Territory Management, Third-Party Integrations, Training Management, Contact Management, Content Delivery, Content Management, Customer Database, Customer Management, and much more down the list.

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5. ExtraaEdge

ExtraaEdge is an amazing data-driven sales software designed specifically for the education sector to maximize student enrollments and reduce marketing expenditures via analytics and automation capabilities.

The features involved are Interaction Tracking, Internal Chat Integration, Landing Pages/Web Forms, Lead Capture, Lead Distribution, Lead Management, Lead Nurturing, Lead Qualification, Lead Segmentation, Live Chat, Marketing Automation, Marketing Calendar, Reporting/Analytics, Sales Pipeline Management, Referral Tracking, Workflow Management, and the list goes on.

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6. OneHash

OneHash is another powerful lead management tool with a complete suite for CRM that caters to the niche market as well including the manufacturing sector, hospitality, health care, education, and more.

The fascinating features included in this software are as follows Lead Capture, Lead Distribution, Lead Engagement, Lead Management, Lead Notifications, Lead Nurturing, Lead Qualification, Lead Segmentation, Live Chat, Manufacturing Planning, Marketing Automation, Meeting Management, Performance Management, Performance Metrics, Personalization, Pipeline Management, Pipeline Reports, Predictive Analytics, Prioritization, Real-Time Data, Real-Time Monitoring, Real-Time Notifications, Real-Time Reporting, Trend Analysis, Visual Analytics, Warehouse Management, Conversion Tracking, Customer Database, Customer Experience Management, Customer History, Customer Segmentation, Customer Service Analytics, and the list goes on.

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7. ClinchPad

ClinchPad is famous for closing leads faster. It is simpler than the traditional CRMs and better than using the spreadsheets. Basically, it is built for small teams and offers a free account for the users up to 100 leads. It is ideal for all types of organizations and provides a more organized way of tracking leads than others.

Its features includes:

  • Easy visualization of the sales pipeline at the start of every day. Cards and stages are represented by columns to view the sales pipeline. Multiple pipes and filters can be created.
  • Quick actions are made possible to add or remove leads.
  • Notes and to-do-list is assigned to every lead to register meetings, calls, emails, and tasks with date and time.
  • Custom fields, notifications, massive document and file storage, and daily activity snapshots are offered with the software.
  • Easy to process, user specific, preset charts and reports are made available to the users.

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This article covers the best lead management software which streamlines the processes and stages of leads till closing them and managing for the team speedily and accurately. It includes Pipedrive, Salesflare,, SalesRabbit, ExtraaEdge, OneHash and ClinchPad respectively. 

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