Best 5 Remote Monitoring & Management Software

Every organization and business needs higher proficiencies from its IT assets which ensures higher productivity in the broader competitive landscape. A managed service provider’s (MSP’s) relentless inputs assists in maintaining, monitoring, control on all software and hardware solution within companies. It is where remote monitoring and management (RMM) systems play a vital role. Remote monitoring and management software solutions assist IT managers, third parties, or employees to efficiently manage their workflows. It helps in addressing and highlighting crucial issues maintaining and resolving all the challenges with company-owned hardware, software, and networks. RMM software solutions ensure the complete mitigation and moderation of all the matters concerning IT tools remotely, without unsettling a company’s essential workings. If these platforms are poorly implemented then it hinders numerous tasks and processes such as lack of automation in key processes, inability to monitor and manage IT assets in real-time, resource protection insights become tough to secure, and all these results in lowering customer satisfaction which is detrimental for any business.

Here at LinuxAPT, we shall look into the best 5 remote monitoring and management software solutions that have helped businesses and organizations in saving up costs and time.

Main features of Remote Monitoring & Management Software

  • Remote monitoring software improves the operational efficiency of an organization: With lesser system down-times, processes can flow uninterrupted. It allows for system maintenance operations without the need to disturb users. 
  • It helps control costs: IT management teams need not consistently travel to client sites. This saves unnecessary traveling expenses. 
  • It helps predict and resolve potential threats and issues in the network or system: The software aids companies forecasting and analytics features and averts system breakdown or security loopholes. 
  • It performs data backups and ensures the automation of administrative tasks for an IT team, increasing member efficiency. 
  • It helps administrators decipher between critical and non-critical tasks to service those that affect a company's decision-making and profitability in real-time. 
  • It has have centralized dashboard for IT administrators to analyze data, and monitor all IT equipment systems in one place ensures hassle-free remediation of all issues that may arise at any endpoint in the system. 

1. NinjaOne

NinjaOne which was formerly NinjaRMM is the leading unified IT operations solution that is designed in a way that simplifies the way IT teams work. With the help of this software, IT teams can remotely and easily manage all their endpoints and support end-users with a single super-intuitive platform enhancing user satisfaction.

The powerful features incorporated in this software are as follows Application Security, Approval Process Control, Asset Lifecycle Management, Asset Tracking, Audit Management, Automated Scheduling, Automatic Backup, Automatic Patch Deployment, Automatic Scans, CPU Monitoring, Capacity Management, Change Management, Chat & Messaging, Cloud Backup, Compliance Management, Compliance Tracking, Third-Party Integrations, Two-Factor Authentication, Unattended Access, Uptime Reporting, Usage Tracking & Analytics, User Management, Virtual Machine Monitoring, Vulnerability Scanning, Web Threat Management, Web Traffic Reporting, and much more.

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2. GoodAccess

GoodAccess is a powerful software designed to assist remote teams to access business systems, cloud apps, and others. Admins can use a control panel to access virtual gateway, hide applications to prevent hacking or DDoS attacks, and conveniently send invitations to employees who are working remotely.

The fascinating features included are Activity Dashboard, Activity Monitoring, Activity Tracking, Compliance Management, DNS Leak Protection, Data Import & Export, Data Security, Employee Activity Monitoring, Encryption, Firewalls, Geolocation, HIPAA Compliant, Live Chat, Member Accounts, Mobile Access, Monitoring, Multi-Language, Multi-Protocol, Multiple User Accounts, Network Monitoring, Network Security, Policy Management, SSL Security, Secure Login, Server Monitoring, Single Sign-On, Third-Party Integrations, Two-Factor Authentication, and the list go on.

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3. Datto RMM

Datto RMM is a secure, modern fully-featured remote monitoring and management software that is designed to help and manage the complexity and risks of supporting client endpoints. It helps businesses to manage assets, monitor on devices, remote support, reporting, analytics, and much more. It also helps businesses to know about the activities on devices by sending notifications.

This software includes features like Approval Process Control, Asset Lifecycle Management, Asset Tracking, Audit Management, Audit Trail, Automatic Patch Deployment, Automatic Scans, Chat & Messaging, Dashboard Creation, Data Visualization, Deployment Management, For MSPs, IT Asset Management, IT Asset Tracking, Maintenance Scheduling, Mobile Access, Multiple User Accounts, Network Monitoring, Network Wide Management, Patch Management, Remote Monitoring & Management, Reporting & Statistics, Server Monitoring, Single Sign-On, Summary Reports, Task Scheduling, Third-Party Integrations, Uptime Reporting, User Management, Workflow Management, and much more.

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4. ManageEngine RMM Central

With ManageEngine RMM helps businesses and organizations in discovering, managing, securing, and monitoring all client’s devices from a single console. It helps in managing and detecting faults, deploying missing patches, and enabling remote access by providing a complete overview of all software and hardware inventory.

The features are as follows Asset Lifecycle Management, Compliance Management, Configuration Management, Customizable Reports, Deployment Management, IT Asset Tracking, Inventory Management, Maintenance Scheduling, Mobile Access, Monitoring, Multiple User Accounts, Network Monitoring, Patch Management, Real-time Updates, Remediation Management, Remote Access & Control, Remote Monitoring & Management, Reporting & Statistics, Reporting & Analytics, Role-Based Permissions, and more.

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5. Mesh Commander

Mesh Commander is a free and open source remote monitoring and management tool. The RMM tool supports explicitly only devices with the Intel AMT platform. The RMM system can record the same operational sessions of a terminal to decipher a pattern of usage. Furthermore, port forwarding and remote power control/management help IT managers maintain absolute control over system functioning. Terminal troubleshooting is possible in real-time over text or video chat, while the entire RMM software is platform-independent. The remote monitoring software also encapsulates user authentication protocols to control access to essential server resources. The outstanding RMON software features of Mesh Central are: Backup and recovery, Deployment Management, For MSPs, IT Asset Management, Mobile Access, Network Monitoring, Patch Management, Real-time Alerts, Remediation Management, and Web protection.

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This article covers the best remote monitoring and management software solutions that are as follows NinjaOne, GoodAccess, Datto RMM, and ManageEngine RMM respectively.

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