Install KGraphViewer on Linux Mint 20.3 _ Step by step guide ?

The KGraphViewer is an amazing tool for viewing and creating graphs on Linux. This tool comes with a very simple interface that even a naïve user can learn very quickly. 

Here at LinuxAPT, we shall look into how to install KGraphViewer on Linux Mint 20.3 system.

Main Features of kgraphviewer includes:

  • Zooming.
  • Threaded loading of several graphs in tabs.
  • Saving of the recent files list.
  • Manual reload of files.
  • Display of a bird-eye view of the graph.
  • Moving of the graph by dragging.
  • Full featured printing.
  • Perfect drawing of all graphviz example graphs.
  • Automatically choose dot for directed graphs and neato for undirected.
  • Possibility to use an arbitrary layout algorithm as soon as it produces xdot format.
  • Automatic reloading with user confirmation of (externally) modified files (configurable).
  • Open new instances as new tabs in the old one (configurable).

Steps for installing KGraphViewer on Linux Mint 20.3

1. Install Snap Daemon

Snaps are applications packaged with all their dependencies to run on all popular Linux distributions from a single build.

To begin, install snapd by running the below command:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install snapd

Either log out and back in again, or restart your system, to ensure snap’s paths are updated correctly.

2. Install KGraphViewer on the system

Now, install the KGraphViewer on your system by executing the following command:

$ sudo snap install kgraphviewer --candidate

How to access KGraphViewer on Linux Mint 20.3 ?

To access the KGraphViewer on Linux Mint 20.3, you need to launch it from the Mint Menu. The KGraphViewer has a very minimalistic and simple interface.

How to uninstall KGraphViewer from Linux Mint 20.3 ?

The KGraphViewer can be instantly removed from a Linux Mint 20.3 system by running the following command:

$ sudo snap remove kgraphviewer

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This article covers the complete process of installing KGraphViewer on a Linux Mint 20.3 system. In fact, after installing it, you can now play around with graphs in Linux.

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