Install UrBackup Server and Client on Ubuntu 20.04 - How to do it ?

UrBackup is an easy to setup Open Source client/server backup system that, through a combination of image and file backups, accomplishes both data safety and a fast restoration time.

File and image backups are made while the system is running without interrupting current processes. 

UrBackup also continuously watches folders you want to be backed up in order to quickly find differences to previous backups. Because of that, incremental file backups are really fast.

Data of any organization is very important because, without data, there would be no world. Backing up data is even more important to save that in case of any disaster.

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In this context, we shall look into  an Open Source backup solution known as UrBackup.

Main features of UrBackup:

1. Full and incremental image and file backups: Whole partitions can be saved as well as single directories

2. Clients for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD

3. Fast calculation of file tree differences leads to very fast incremental file backups - only new changed files will be retransmitted

4. Only used and changed hard disk sectors are transmitted during an incremental image backup

5. Image and file backups while the system is running

6. Consistent backups of used files on Windows and Linux. For example Outlook .pst files

7. Same files on different computers are saved only once. Less server storage space is needed for your backups (file level deduplication)

8. Clients can change their settings like backup frequency or number of backups and can take a look at log files of their backups

9. Next to no configuration. Install, select the directories you want to backup and watch it backup

10. Client warns if there was no backup for some time

11. Webinterface that shows the status of the clients, current activities and statistics. It allows the administrator to change backup settings and override the settings for the clients. Existing file backups can be browsed, files from these backups can be extracted or restore processes started

12. Reports about backups can be sent to users or administrators

13. Secure and efficient backups to your own server via Internet if the client is currently not in your local network

14. File metadata such as last modified time is backed up

15. Easy to use file and image restore (via restore CD/USB stick)

16. Easy to configure and use file backup access

17. E-Mail alerts if a machine isn’t backed up for a configurable amount of time

How to install UrBAckup server on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS ?

To begin with this process, you need to log into your server with an SSH tool such as putty as the root user with sudo rights. 

Then, once logged in, you can follow the steps given below.

1. Update the system

You should execute the command below to update your system with the latest updates and security patches:

# apt-get update -y

2. Install UrBackup Server

After updating the system, now we will install the UrBackup server using its Official PPA repository by issuing the following commands in the terminal:

# add-apt-repository ppa:uroni/urbackup
# apt update
# apt install urbackup-server

Once prompted, type 'y' and hit enter to start the installation of the UrBackup server along with its dependent packages.

3. Configure UrBackup Server

During the installation, you will be asked to configure the UrBackup server, where you need to give a path of backup storage.

All the backups will be stored in the given path, tab to 'ok' and hit Enter key to continue.

Once the installation is complete, run the following command to check the status of UrBackup Server.

# systemctl status urbackupsrv

You can also use the commands below to set the service run automatically after reboot.

# systemctl enable urbackupsrv

4. Access UrBackup Web Interface

Once the installation is complete, the web interface of UrBackup server can be accessed using its default port '55414' provided that it is allowed in your firewall.

Let's open the URL in your favorite browser as below:


5. Add Admin User to UI

Now you have access to the Web UI of UrBackup Server without giving any user and password to log in, to do so we need to create an Administrator user from the web interface.

Also, you can go through other settings to make changes as per your own requirements for the backups.

6. Add New Backup Client

To add a new client for backup to UrBackup server, click on the add new client as an Internet client/client behind NAT. Make sure to Enable Internet mode from settings. Give it the name of your client host FQDN or IP and click to Add client.

After you add the client, you will get its installation packages that you need to install for backups on the client host:

# TF=`mktemp` && wget "http://your_server_ip:55414/x?a=download_client&lang=en&clientid=1&authkey=nGEDmaj5Qb&os=linux" -O $TF && sudo sh $TF; rm -f $TF

Execute the command below to check client service status:

# systemctl status urbackupclientbackend

UrBackup client will be up and running on port '35621'

If you experience any issues, take a look at its logs under '/var/log/urbackupclient.log' file.

7. How to take Client Backups

You can add as many clients as you want. 

Then run the command below to add any folder that you want to take the backup of:

# /usr/local/bin/urbackupclientctl add-backupdir -x -f -d /backup

Now check that the status of the client is ONLINE at UrBackup server. Once it is online you can manually run the backup otherwise it will run as per its default schedule that you can change under client settings.

If you click on the backups tab, you will see the log of its last successful backup entry.

You can also verify from your server-side if the backup files are there on the storage path of your backup server which is shown below in our scenario:

root@ip:~# ls -lhtr /media/BACKUP/urbackup/
total 0
-rwxr-x--- 1 urbackup urbackup 0 Jan 10 17:15 test.txt

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This article covers how to install and setup the UrBackup server on Ubuntu 20.04. Here, you will also learn how we can add a Linux host to be backed up. 

The main reason for data backup is to save important files if a system crash or hard drive failure occurs, you will lose your data. 

Therefore, a backup solution is much important for any data critical organization.

UrBackup is a free and powerful network backup solution for personal and enterprise. It has almost all features you need from a backup software. UrBackup supports Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

Benefits of having UrBackup Server on your network are:

1. Centralized backup management

2. Supports multiple clients

3. Supports multiple simultaneous backups

4. Easy to restore

To Install client on Debian or Ubuntu:

1. Install the dependencies UrBackup needs: WxWidgets >= 2.9.0 On Debian/Ubuntu you can do that with apt or your favourite package manager:

$ apt install build-essential "g++" libwxgtk3.0-dev "libcrypto++-dev" libz-dev

2. Download the UrBackup client source files and extract them via e.g.

$ wget

$ tar xzf urbackup-client-2.4.11.tar.gz

3. Build the UrBackup client and install it:

$ cd urbackup-client-2.4.11


make -j4

sudo make install

4. Make sure that the UrBackup client backend runs correctly:

$ sudo urbackupclientbackend -v info

5. Start the UrBackup client backend on startup by adding it e.g. to rc.local:

$ sudo chmod +x /etc/rc.local

editor /etc/rc.local

Now add /usr/local/sbin/urbackupclientbackend -d before the exit 0.

6. Start the UrBackup client frontend and setup your paths by executing:

$ urbackupclientgui

and clicking on the tray icon and add paths. You can also do that on the server.

To Install UrBackup Client on Windows:

If you have a fully functioning UrBackup Server on Ubuntu, then you can install UrBackup client on client computers. For example, you can install UrBackup client on Windows 10.

1. Download UrBackup client for Windows 10:

2. After you install the client software on Windows 10, it will automatically search and connect to the UrBackup server. 

3. You will see the client computer listed on your UrBackup web administration console.

4. There will be an UrBackup icon in your taskbar where you can do several things such as:

i. Change settings

ii. Add/remote backup path

iii. Change component to backup

iv. See the status

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