Install Pluma on Debian 11.4 (Bullseye) System - Step by step guide ?

Pluma Editor is fully powered by Mate developers and easy to use / configure. Pluma is not only lightweight but also extremely fast. It helps users to navigate easily. It can be configured to highlight coding text as well.

Here at LinuxAPT, we shall look into how to install Pluma Text Editor on Debian Linux system. 

Steps to install Pluma Text Editor on your Debian Linux system

1. Perform System Update

To begin, update the system packages with the below command:

$ sudo apt update

2. Install pluma Editor on the system

Now, install Pluma editor with the below command:

$ sudo apt install pluma

3. Verify Pluma Editor Installation

Now you can verify Pluma Editor Installation by running the below command:

$ pluma --version

Alternatively, you can search via the graphical user interface dashboard.

4. Launch Pluma Editor

Pluma is a graphical application, but it can be launched using both the command line terminal and the graphical user interface. You can run the following command:

$ pluma

How to Uninstall Pluma Editor From Debian 11.4 (Bullseye) System ?

You can execute the following command to remove Pluma application from your system:

$ sudo apt remove pluma

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This article covers how to install Pluma Text Editor on Debian /  Ubuntu LTS system. In fact, Pluma is a text editor which supports most standard editor features, extending this basic functionality with other features not usually found in simple text editors.

It fully supports international text through its use of the Unicode UTF-8 encoding in edited files. Its core feature set includes syntax highlighting of source code, auto indentation and printing and print preview support.

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