Install Postfix on Ubuntu 20.04 - Step by Step Process ?

Postfix is a popular open-source Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) that can be used to route and deliver email on a Linux system.
It is mainly used as a mail server for sending and receiving emails.
Here at LinuxAPT, as part of our Server Management Services, we regularly help our Customers to perform Software Installation tasks on Linux Servers.
In this context, we shall look into how to install Postfix on the Ubuntu 20.04 system.

How to install Postfix on Ubuntu ?

To install Postfix in your systems, follow the steps given below:
1. Open up the terminal window using the Ctl+Alt+T shortcut.
Once done, you need to update the packages.
Type the following command and then press the <enter> key from your keyboard:

$ sudo apt update

2. Once the apt repo is updated, we will be installing Postfix using the command and Pressing the <enter> key:

$ sudo DEBIAN_PRIORITY=low apt install postfix

DEBIAN_PRIORITY is an environment variable used to configure many options that are additional features and are used alongside the regular Postfix features.
3. The installation process will now begin.

Carefully go through the Mail Server Configuration types and then opt for the Mail Server you want to keep.
Press the Enter key to proceed.
4. The system will ask you the type of mail configuration. Choose the Internet Site option and then select Ok by using the <enter> key from the keyboard.
5. Here, users need to choose the System Mail Name or FQDN. Here we will be adjusting my name so we have typed Hit the <enter> key to continue.
6. Now, choose your Root and Postmaster Mail Recipient. Here, users need to notice that it could either be the same as the username and then press the <enter> key.
7. Now select all of those emails you want your mail server to be capable of accepting.

Once done, press the <enter> key.
8. The system will ask if you want to force the synchronous updates on mail queue? Select <No>, then press the <Enter> key
9. Here, you have to provide the local networks. These could be modified as per your requirements. Once done, press the enter key.
10. You need to set up the limit of the mailbox. We will be specifying the total size of the mailbox. By default, its value is zero.
11. Now you have to set the Local Address Extension Character. The default value is +. press the Enter to continue.
12. To choose the internet protocol, use the arrow keys. Once done, hit the enter key.
The download process will be time taking so make sure that you do not exit the terminal window.
Now the installation process will be completed.

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This article covers the installation of Postfix on the Ubuntu 20.04 system. Also, We perform the configuration to send and receive the emails in an accurate manner.
Postfix was originally designed as a replacement for Sendmail – the traditional SMTP server on Unix. In comparison, Postfix is more secure and easier to configure.
It is compatible with Sendmail, so if you uninstall Sendmail and replace it with Postfix, your existing scripts and programs will continue to work seamlessly.

To install Postfix on Ubuntu:
Postfix is included in Ubuntu's default repositories, so you can install it with APT.
1. To begin, update your local apt package cache:

$ sudo apt update

2. Then install the postfix package with the following command. Note that here we pass the DEBIAN_PRIORITY=low environmental variable into this installation command. This will cause the installation process to prompt you to configure some additional options:

$ sudo DEBIAN_PRIORITY=low apt install postfix

Note: If you need to ever return to change Postfix settings, you can do so by running:

$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix

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