Top 5 Email Clients 2021

With the growing technological advancements and shift of businesses to the web, more and more individuals, companies, and enterprises rely on efficient email services to organize and manage daily tasks and team collaboration. 

Especially in the times of Covid-19, we witness a drastic shift of the industry to the worldwide web, thereby promoting and adapting to technological solutions for streamlining their daily processes. However, even before the pandemic, the surge in the usage of technological platforms for communication purposes has been witnessed by all. 

Hence, every other day, an individual, a newly established company, or an enterprise makes a decision of selecting an email service for their collaboration within the team and with the clients.

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In this context, we shall look into the top-selling email clients that have gained significant attention and appreciation by the users and many reviewers.

1. Mozilla Thunderbird

Launched in 2003 by the Mozilla Foundation, the cross-platform and open-source email service is the best choice. Just like Firefox, the platform offers amazing features and capabilities that one can expect from an email client, and that too for free.

The email client works in a similar fashion to Firefox or any other web browser, making it more user-friendly and familiar for the users. The user can open different emails at the same time in the same window where each email is shown in a separate tab. Moreover, the email client is customizable, and users can apply different themes and styles according to the user’s preference. 

Being an open-source platform, the enhanced and extensive community of Mozilla Thunderbird actively adds to the list of advanced services and features thereby improving the overall user experience on daily basis. On top of that, Thunderbird offers seamless third-party integrations with Twitter, XMPP, Google Chat, and IRC which allows users to access these apps directly from the platform.

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2. MailSpring

Forked from the email client, Nylas Mail, Mailspring is an open-source email client best fit for freelancers, small-scale businesses, and/or startups. The cross-compatible email client offers many features and services as other renowned email clients. Also, the simple and fascinating user interface makes it easier for its users to instantly get their hands on the sleek email client.

Some of the most fascinating features of the mail service include its capability to undo the sent emails, which is the most appreciated and commendable functionality of Mailspring. Other than that, the platform enables its users to use multiple IMAP and Office 365 accounts alongside. Other features mainly include translation functionality that instantly translates English, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, French, and German into the user’s desired language. Similarly, snooze and reminders, customizable with layouts and themes are some more features offered by the platform. The users are allowed to use the free version of the application or buy a pro version offering numerous other features exclusively offered for sales and businesses.

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3. Inky

Inky is another very fascinating email client that offers a considerably secure platform for emails. The cross-platform compatible email client is focused on utmost security and anti-phishing parameters. Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and procedures are applied to make the platform absolutely threat-free.

INKY stops and puts an absolute fence for spam, malware, and phishing. Being more focused on security features, the platform is significantly more secure than any other email service provider. It offers various security features like sending different warnings on emails such as safe, unusual, and malicious, email tracking of the blocked emails, warns the user if a suspicious email is being accessed, report suspicious emails, etc. The cloud-hosted email service provider is more focused on the security-centric features, ignores the non-security features which are quite readily available on the rest of the email platforms. Though the modern and secured platform is the best fit for security-concerned businesses and organizations and supports Office365, Exchange, and G Suite. The email service does not come free and does not even offer a free trial. Aspirants will have to request a demo followed by a detailed insight into the platform’s pricing options and different packages.

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4. Hiri

Hiri was developed and released in the year 2012 by developers in Dublin, Ireland. The email service is pretty simple and offers a user-friendly user interface. Also, the platform is cross-compatible and functions seamlessly on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Many consider the email client best for macOS, but the platform is just as efficient on other platforms as well.

Hiri is a good alternative for the existing emailing applications such as Mozilla Thunderbird and offers similar features and a satisfactory user experience. However, Hiri, unlike Mozilla Thunderbird is neither open-source nor free of cost. Users must buy any of the two license options available to use the email service. Hiri offers many features to its clients, some of which include, shared calendars, turning emails into a task for efficient management, hassle-free email management, etc. The free trials of the software available can give the user a quick look into the advanced email client.

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5. Claws Mail

Launched in 2001, the cross-platform, free, and open-source is a great option for the users trying to get their hands on a simple and efficient email client. Claws Mail, a fork of Sylpheed, is an efficient, sleek, and flexible replacement alluring and attracting users keen on saving memory usage and concerned about system performance.

Claws Mail's easy and interactive user interface makes it a good alternative for a sleek email service provider especially for individuals or companies dealing with the limited processing and memory capabilities and capacities of systems such as Raspberry Pi. However, users interactive with efficient processing units and systems can also get benefit from the efficient email client owing to its flexibility, efficiency, and speed. Some may even consider the platform more reliable and a better option than Thunderbird due to its extensive list of plugins and extensions available allowing users to integrate many advanced features if required. Claws Email active and expert community makes it more reliable by allowing the addition of advanced and user-desired features every other day. Hence if a user feels the platform is missing a functionality then either a user can add the plugin for it him/herself or can wait/request the community to include the feature, thus making the platform more suitable with enhanced user experience.

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This article covers the best and most efficient cross-platform compatible email clients. Some of the listed are open-source and free, while others offer subscriptions. 

The type of email service most compatible for every user depends on their needs and requirements from an email service client. 

For example, people or organizations more inclined towards security assurance from a platform may prefer Inky over Thunderbird, which offers numerous advanced features but may fall behind Inky in terms of meeting user's security needs. Other listed platform also offers various unique and advanced features along with easy and interactive user interface assuring utmost performance and customer satisfaction. 

Despite the ones listed here, there are many other cross-platform compatible email clients offering different features, however, we believe, that the email clients listed in the article outperform many of the existing cross-platform email service providers due to their assured reliability, user experience, and diverse features.

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