Best Photo Editors for Linux

Linux is becoming a popular platform day after another due to their professionalism in different things such as animators and graphic designers. We use top-quality tools and experience to make it simple to draw, paint, editing images, and many other related. In the photographic industry, we have many; different photo editors, but you need the useful and reliable one.

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In this context, we shall look into 6 top-rated open-source and free photo editors from Linux that will meet your needs and expectations in your photographing career.

1. Krita

Krita is a dependable and open-source option. This painting program is accessible for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Plus, it features customizable and movable interface elements, layers, vector tools, text, brushes layers, transitions, and animations—Python bases best Plugin, asset manager, cool management tools, etc.

Further, Krita can get used as the best image editor to typically edit the existing photos. Additionally, it supports different image formats such as TIFF, Dicon, GIF, PNG, JPEG, and PSD. Get krita from here.

2. Pinta

This is another excellent image editor software for individuals looking for usable and minimal image editing tools from Linux. Generally, this tool is straightforward to use and provides enough flexibility. Someone can use Pinta for manipulating, painting, and drawing bitmap image files.

And is accessible on Windows and Mac; it is a very active development where new and functional features are often added to increase its full functionality. It can also support unlimited redo & undo, many layers, drawing tools like pencil, paintbrush, and shapes.

Some other related features of this software are black and white, Auto level, Warp, Motion blur, Sepia, Glow, and similar effects. Additionally, this tool also features great utilities for overlaying filters and effects, drawing different shapes, stroke and fill tools, etc. Download Pinta from here.


GIMP is among the most –celebrated open-source, free, and comprehensive Photo editing software accessible here in Linux. Using this tool, you can enhance, edit, scan, retouch tools to make your images and create drawings. Further, it has a significant collection of skilled-level editing filters and tools exact to that you may find in Photoshop.

Different fine-control features and settings like paths, layers, scripting, and mask give you control over your Photos. Besides, you can extend this specific photo editor using simple plugins where some come with the official installation while others can also be downloaded from third-party websites.

You can download and install GIMP in other Linux-based distributions from the package manager or you can get it from here.

4. Inkscape

This is the best open-source and cross- software which allows the user to edit and draw vector graphics with ease. Plus, it utilizes the SVG as its primary export format, and this tends to allow users to recognize the graphics without any pixelation. Generally, Inkscape features functional tools for managing existing and creating new objects, commanding line tools, path editing tools, multiple export formats, third-party extensions, etc.

Besides, this software can still be utilized to effectively edit photos when they are not in SVG format. You will love how this software offers outstanding support for gradients, alpha, text flow control, layers, and alpha transparency. You can readily utilize it and make illustrations and diagrams, web graphics, technical drawings, logos, clip art, and icons perfectly.

You can download and install Inkscape in other Linux-based distributions from the package manager or you can get it from here.

5. Clipping Path Creative

Clipping Path Creative offers all kinds of image editing perfect services worldwide. They offer high-quality and professional image editing such as color correction, background removal, clipping path, image masking service, photo editing for website, and neck joint services at very affordable rates.

You will love how this path offer 100 percent handmade image editing services to utilize Photoshop, meaning you get the best quality services within 24 hours or even less. Generally, clipping path creative got several benefits that you cannot afford to miss as a Photographer, such as:

(a) They deliver faster work – this company values the clients’ money and time as the first priority. We offer different films with ideal solutions to our clients.

(b) They have increased the significance of image editing – Flash animations and image editing are among the best things you can expect from us. We ensure that the standard of photos in a flash is the highest and best.

(c) They have ideal vector illustration – besides, the idea that you get from us of editing images and photos will also support you in achieving the best vector illustration. Our vector illustrations are much cleaner, tidier, and more appealing.

Need more information about their services then feel free to visit here.

6. Background Removal India

This is another functional and top-rated photo editing platform with 100 percent client satisfaction. Essentially, background removal India offers all categories of image editing services using Adobe Photoshop software and manually.

They provide qualitative image editing services such as remove background from photo, clipping path, color correction, image masking service, Ghost Mannequin, drop shadow, etc. Background removal India is accompanied by other related benefits such as

(a) Reduced cost – the customers will receive excellent services from their professional Photo editors with reasonable charges.

(b) Faster and efficient services – when you choose this software, you will love how efficient and rapid they are.

(c) Provides quality presentation- we all need quality work for many things, and photo editing is not exceptional. Background removal India has accomplished, skilled and competent employee who offers dependable and standard top-quality services for you.

You can get more helpful information from their photo editing website.

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This article covers the best photo editors for Linux users. If you are using a Linux operation system and looking for an efficient Linux photo editor that is not better than Lightroom or Photoshop, you may face some problems. With these software, you can perform basic and professional adjustments, retouch and organize your images, make color and lighting correction, manipulate size, converse or share the files.

Top Best Linux Photo Editors

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