Install Thunderbird on Ubuntu 20.04 - Best Method ?

Thunderbird is an open source Email client that can be executed on Windows, almost all Linux distributions, and other operating systems. Its main function is to send, receive and manage all the contents of the Email of your respective account. Mozilla Thunderbird is developed by Mozilla Foundation.

Today, the improvements in security and stability are very much appreciated, and since version 78, Thunderbird has built-in OpenPGP encryption technology enabled by default. Earlier versions used the available PGP technology, but it needed to be installed as a supplemental plugin. 

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In this context, we shall look into how to Install Thunderbird on Ubuntu 20.04.

Methods to Install Thunderbird on Ubuntu 

To perform this installation task, it is possible via the following ways:

  • Thunderstorm Installation via terminal.
  • Thunderstorm Installation via GUI (website).
  • Thunderstorm Installation via Ubuntu software center.

1. Thunderstorm Installation via terminal.

To install thunderstorm through the Ubuntu terminal, go to the main menu and open it. The main step is to add the Ubuntu repositories. This is completed by using the following listed command:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:Ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa

After the repository is being added, now it's time to update all packages to ensure the presence of a new repository that is added to Ubuntu. This is done by the following command:

$ sudo apt update

Finally, install the thunderbird client email to your system:

$ sudo apt install thunderbird

Now we can check the version of the installed software on your system.

$ Thunderbird -version

2. Thunderstorm Installation via GUI (website).

This method of installation is through the website, which is also known as the graphical user interface (GUI) method.

i. Here, go to the official website by opening any browser on your system that is by default Firefox. The official website is

ii. After visiting the website navigate to the download button on the homepage of Thunderbird's official website.

iii. After selecting the download button, you will see a pop-up dialogue box. This box has two options either to open the relevant file or to save it.

iv. Select the save file option so that the file can be downloaded to your system. This file is in tar.bz2 format.

You can see the installation progress in the download sector of the browser. After the setup file is downloaded. Your prerequisite is to extract the folder. When you will open the extracted folder, you will find an executable file of thunderbird. 

v. Now execute it. After execution, the software will be installed successfully.

3. Thunderstorm Installation via Ubuntu software center.

To implement this method of Installation:

  • Go to the application menu of Ubuntu.
  • Select Ubuntu software center and open it. 
  • After opening go to the search icon on the left corner of the software center. 
  • Type Thunderbird to search it. From different relative options, select the Thunderbird application. 
  • After opening it select the install button to start installing it.

How to Launch Thunderbird client Email ?

To configure it, Open the software either through the terminal Or from the menu. 

Now open the Thunderbird mail to launch it. Follow the steps given below to launch the respective software.

1. As you open the software, a dialogue box will appear. It will demand your name, email address, and password. You need to type your email address and the password of the account that is in your current use. Because it will take all the details from that account.

2. After that dialogue box is ok by you, the system will be redirected to the email account page. I.e. if you have a Google account. You will be transferred to that page. Here we have a yahoo account. So the system will take us to the yahoo main sign-in page to move further.

3. After providing id, press the next button for further configuration, the system will acquire a password from you. After providing go to the next page and agree on the permission dialogue box to allow accessing your email to thunderbird.

4. Now the thunderstorm is being opened, here you can see different options. Whereas your email is opened in this software. This software provides you to see the inbox, compose a new email, and see the draft messages. It also has silent features like calendar, address book, feeds, etc. shown on the Email page.

5. Now in the inbox option, in the left-most section of the software. You will see all the messages loading in the software as they are manually shown on the website when you logged in to your email account.

  • How to Uninstall Thunderbird from Ubuntu ?
  • To uninstall this software use the following command:
$ Sudo apt remove Thunderbird

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This article covers the three different methodologies of installing Thunderbird in Ubuntu. Thunderbird is available for various distributions like macOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows etc. thereby making it a cross platform application.

To Install Thunderbird through apt:

1. First update Ubuntu repository,

$ sudo apt update

2. Now, to install Thunderbird issue the following in terminal,

$ sudo apt install thunderbird

3. Lastly, Thunderbird can accessed either through System's main Menu or from terminal (Run "thunderbird" in terminal to run the application).

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