The link speed of an interface corresponds to the maximum speed of communication between a specific device and a wireless router. Obviously, the larger this speed is, the more efficiently your device will be able to communicate with the wireless router.

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In this context, we shall look into different methods of finding the interface link speed on a Linux Mint 20 system.

Best methods to find the Interface Link Speed in Linux Mint 20 

Below are the best ways to find the interface link speed on a Linux Mint 20 system are outlined below.

1. Finding Interface Link Speed via the "ip" Command

The below "ip" command will help you find the interface link speed in Linux Mint 20:

$ sudo ip addr | grep qlen

This will display the interface and its interface link speed in Mb/s. 

2. Finding Interface Link Speed via the "ethtool" Utility

The "ethtool" is a built-in Linux utility that can be used by running the below command to find the interface link speed on a Linux Mint 20 system:

$ sudo ethtool NameOfInterface

Here, you have to provide the actual name of the interface in place of the NameOfInterface. In our case, we wanted to check the link speed of the "enp0s3" interface. The interface link speed of our specified interface will be displayed with some other relevant information.

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