Use pkill Command in Linux System - An overview ?

pkill is a command-line utility that sends signals to the processes of a running program based on given criteria. The processes can be specified by their full or partial names, a user running the process, or other attributes.

The pkill command is a part of the procps (or procps-ng) package, which is pre-installed on nearly all Linux distributions. 

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In this context, we shall look into how to use the pkill command in Linux.

How to list running processes in Linux ?

You can list all running processes on your Ubuntu machine by running the following command:

$ top

To stop, simply Press Ctrl + C.

How to use the pkill command ?

The syntax for pkill command is:

$ pkill [option] pattern

Pattern here Invokes an extended regular expression that matches a process or command-line name.

If you use pkill command-line without [option], 15 (-TERM) signal will be sent by pkill to the PID. (Process ID).

Linux users usually use the three types of signals as below:

  • 1 (HUP): reload a process
  • -9 (KILL): kill a process
  • 15 (TERM): stop a process gracefully

For example:

$ pkill -9 chrome

The above command will close the chrome browser.

kill -l is used to list all the signals you can use.

There are 3 different ways to specify the signals:

  • using a number (e.g., -9)
  • with the "SIG" prefix (e.g., -SIGKILL)
  • without the "SIG" prefix (e.g., -KILL)

For demonstration, in order to kill the oldest created screen:

$ pkill -9 -o screen

To reload the gitlab-runner process, run:

$ sudo pkill -HUB gitlab-runner

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This article covers how to use the pkill command in Linux. pkill is basicity a wrapper around the pgrep program that only prints a list of matching processes.

The syntax for the pkill command is as follows:

$ pkill [OPTIONS] 

The matching is specified using extended regular expressions.

For more information about pkill command, visit the pkill man page or type man pkill in your terminal.

Other Linux commands:

  • ps — Report the status of a process or processes.
  • killall — Kill processes by name.
  • kill — Send a signal to a process, affecting its behavior or killing it.

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