Top 5 Free Inventory Management Software

Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) are a demand of every operating business and organization. At the heart of these systems lie inventory management solutions. An efficiently working inventory management solution can alone decide the future of a company. The inventory management solutions help manage and keep track of sales, purchases, deliveries, and orders. Along with that, these solutions help manage stock and keep a user informed of the number of products available eliminating the risk of faulty sales. There are many efficient inventory management software solutions available that are widely adopted across every platform. Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, etc., users from each of the platforms are in need of a software solution that is able to seamlessly manage, arrange and inform the user about changes and fluctuations in the product inventory. 

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In this context, we shall look into best performing inventory management software solutions.

1. Delivrd

Delivrd inventory management software is a free online cloud solution created to provide and deliver to the user's needs of inventory management and order fulfillment of everyone. From online retailers to large E-commerce site workers, or anyone simply requiring an inventory management solution, Delivrd provides a solution to all. Delivrd comprises all the necessary and most required features and processes of order fulfillment. The solution is complete and ensures an absolutely hassle-free user experience. From the point of sourcing products to picking, packing, shipping, and in short to managing each and every single inventory management process, Delivrd is the most trusted software by many.

Delivrd provides many unique features including the capability of the platform to be used as a replacement to Microsoft Excel, i.e., managing and keeping track of the sales and products in an excel file, Delivrd provides a solution that allows the more enhanced and seamless procedure to manage inventory. Delivrd provides a list of productiveness and accuracy enhancing features such as analysis and reports providing most sold products insights along with a list of such other reports, low inventory alerts, demand and spends forecast, export capabilities, etc.

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NEXTAR is a free and open-source desktop application that comes with a complete Point-of-Sale (POS) package. NEXTAR includes all the necessary components of seamlessly managing a business. The advanced POS solution has an efficient inventory management solution, sales control, cash register control, product registration, customers control, suppliers management, quotations, and reports features.

NEXTAR comes equipped with an extremely intuitive and user-friendly interface and platform that helps take complete management control of all the aspects of one's business, restaurant, or store. The 24×7 available and active support team of NEXTAR is always there to provide immediate and efficient support to the users and being open-source, the active community contributes to the list of never-ending features and also comes to aid when required by a fellow member. The inventory management solution provided in the tool enables users to quickly and efficiently add products, never miss a sale, make better purchases, provides stock level control, capability to calculate inventory cost, ability to sell a product by weight or length, expiration date control, reports, etc.

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3. Skyware Inventory

Skyware inventory management solution is a free web-based solution. The solution comes equipped with a list of enhanced features and capabilities such as the ability to create items along with entering opening balances in order for the software to begin tracking, products can be added with barcodes, images and models, default settings for categories and locations, ability to track manufacturers and vendors, product reorder alerts, multiple custom fields, inventory transaction features such as the ability to show real-time quantity on-hand, support for back-dating transactions, auto-calculates costs for adjustments, taxes, fees, and custom fields, attach supporting documents and images, etc. The solution provides enhanced features to analyze products and inventory insights with features enabling generating reports covering FIFO LIFO and AVERAGE inventory costs insights, location, date, and transaction filters, drill-downs for understanding cost calculations, excel export for spreadsheet analysis, etc.

The software offers a free subscription package for up to one user account. For managing multiple users and businesses, the software offers attractive and most affordable packages with a list of enhanced features incorporated.

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4. PartKeepr

PartKeepr is another free and open-source inventory management software solution. The inventory management solution is a desktop solution that provides a list of features allowing users to enhance their businesses.

PartKeepr offers many features such as the blazing fast part search enables users to search across different fields in seconds, search among stock levels, manufacturers, order numbers, suppliers, distributors, etc., an extremely customizable solution allowing users to edit any data such as the ability to define any unit, capability to track user's products including user, their price, and optional comments, global stock history, etc. PartKeepr was designed with usability in mind. The solution enhanced and most adaptable platform. Data from and to the CSV files and excel sheets can be easily exported and imported as well. Users can also use barcodes to add and access the products from the inventory.

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5. Square

Square is a free inventory management software solution that comes with advanced business enablement features and functionalities. Being an online platform, users can access their product inventory from anywhere around the globe. Square inventory solution is designed for perfection and efficiency. Users can access, and download reports in bulk and access numerous records at a time. The list of advanced features of the platform includes downloadable reports, stock alerts, ability to stock alerts, easy modifiers, etc.

Square holds the title of ensuring and providing a very efficient and fast inventory management solution. It has a list of satisfied users across the globe. Being online, Square's users range across all the platforms. On top of all the enhanced features, comes the platform's free-of-charge services which make the overall user experience way too commendable.

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This article covers an analysis of the best working and free inventory management solutions for the Linux paradigm users. The list includes Delivrd, NEXTAR, Skyware Inventory, PartKeepr, and Square. Inventory management solution is required across the globe, by almost every other use for their businesses or for simply managing their items. Inventory management solutions make it easier for one to manage and keep track of their goods along with monitoring purchases and sales records. Excel files have long served the purpose, but with the advent of these efficiently working inventory management systems, it would not be wrong to say that inventory management has overall revolutionized.

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