Install Trimage on Linux Mint 20 - Step by Step Process ?

Trimage is a cross-platform image compressor designed to be used with the macOS and Linux operating systems. This tool is capable of performing lossless image compressions because of which the quality of your image is not spoiled even after compressing it.

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In this context, we shall look into the best procedure of installing the Trimage compressor on a Linux Mint 20 machine.

How to install Trimage on Linux Mint ?

To get Trimage installed on your Linux system, follow the steps outlined below.

1. Update your System

To begin, simply perform a system update to fix all the broken links and dependencies with the help of the following command:

$ sudo apt update

2. Install Trimage on your System

After fixing all the broken links and dependencies, we can install Trimage on our system with the command shown below:

$ sudo apt install trimage

3. Confirm Trimage Installation on your System

Once Trimage has been successfully installed on our Linux Mint 20 system, we can check its installed version to verify its installation with the following command:

$ trimage --version

This will display the exact version of Trimage software installed on the system.

4. Launch Trimage on your System

Now, we can even launch Trimage through our terminal by executing the following command:

$ trimage

Now, from the Trimage window displayed, you can easily compress your images.

How to Uninstall Trimage from Linux Mint 20 ?

You can also remove Trimage from your system very quickly by running the following command:

$ sudo apt-get purge --autoremove trimage

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This article covers the best method to install the Trimage software on a Linux Mint 20 system. Basically, this tool is very helpful for performing lossless image compressions hence guaranteeing high quality images even in a compressed format.

To install Trimage software From the terminal in Linux,

1. The Trimage image compressor is available in the official repositories of practically all GNU / Linux distributions and it can be easily installed using the command line, using the corresponding command:

$ sudo apt update; sudo apt install trimage

2. Check the version number of Trimage Installed:

$ trimage --version

3. Now for launch the program from the terminal, we will only have to write in the terminal:

$ trimage

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