Top 7 Free and Open-Source Appointment Scheduling Software

Keeping track of important dates, meetings, appointments, and commitments is a need of not just a company, an organization, or an enterprise, it is a need of every person as well. In this tremendously advancing world, every person is occupied with commitments. From everyday doctor's appointments to scheduling a work meeting, every hour of the day from Monday to Friday is occupied with a list of varying events. To keep track of all these commitments and to seamlessly manage the appointments with reminders and notifications, the software is well needed. Appointment Scheduling software is needed in every paradigm, i.e., from health care setups to gyms and schools, each platform requires an appointment scheduling solution. A good appointment scheduling software is able to handle numerous tasks and operations such as create appointments, manage calendars, online booking, ability to accept or reject appointments, reminders and notifications systems, etc.

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In this context, we shall look into the best Open Source appointment schedulers.

1. Easy!Appointments

Easy!Appointments – as the name suggests are one of the most easiest and intuitive platforms to schedule and monitor appointments. The platform allows easy appointment creation and management through the seamless web portal. With Easy!Appointments users are able to perform a number of enhanced and advanced features such as the ability to book, edit, and cancel appointments, adaptable calendar views and layouts making it easy to manage and view the appointments, sends automated email notifications, create different teams for every service or activity, ability to handle multiple-attendant slots at a time, multilingual functionality providing support for various languages and the list goes on. One of the most efficient features of the platform is its ability to integrate with the Google Calendar and bringing all the appointments in one single platform.

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2. Reservio

Reservio is another free and open-source scheduling software that is adopted by many organizations and companies across the world. With Reservio, the tasks and appointments are easy to keep a track of. The software is developed by developers and scientists in the Czech Republic. The tool is used by many health sector institutes, organizations, and gyms, salons, etc. Being a responsive application, the software can be accessed from any device including different mobiles and tablets. Reservio supports many features such as it provides multilingual capabilities, the ability to book events and create and manage appointments, sends reminders and notifications via text message or email, supports bookings via social media platforms such as Facebook, provides access to bookings history, etc.

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3. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is one of the highly praised platforms that comes equipped with almost all the necessary project management and CRM-related features. Bitrix24 is an all-rounder that serves many organizations across the globe and has been proved successful in meeting its customer’s needs. The tool offers many features such as projects and different workgroups with tasks, files, wiki, calendars, conversations, photo gallery, etc., various and vast list of planning features such as advanced calendars, meeting and event scheduler and manager, company services like employee absence chart, employee directory, visual structure task and reporting and analytics tools, check-in and check-out system, regular work reports, daily planner, document libraries, versioning tool, flexible permission mechanisms, enhanced WebDAV support, CRM with email integration, etc.

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4. classroombookings

Classroombookings software is a well-known and pretty famous appointment scheduling tool that is widely adopted by many schools across the globe. As the name suggests, the tool was designed and created especially for schools and institutions. However, we believe that different organizations can also get their hands on and get benefitted from the advanced features and specifications of the enhanced appointment scheduling system. The tool offers many intuitive features such as the ability to create and schedule online bookings thereby eliminating the probability of duplicate bookings, configure an unlimited number of users and rooms, schedule, and book available rooms along with accessing different booking types, control a number of bookings per user, based on the working and schedule of the school; the tool automatically configures the timetable and creates different schedules.

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5. BUK

BUK is a free appointment scheduling software which is flexible & straightforward with versatile features helping you to streamline the entire booking process making it as seamless as possible. It allows 24/7 self-booking, enables you to sync appointments to your Google Calendar and send automated text notifications to your clients. It also allows you to create your customized booking page, helping your clients to book appointments easily.

Features of BUK includes:

  • Allows your clients to self-book at any time with real-time updates.
  • Helps you in managing your team's schedule.
  • Allows you to access your calendar on any device and receive notifications on a real-time basis.
  • Enables you to create a booking link which can then be shared on social media accounts and your clients.
  • Helps you in checking the stats and client information to streamline your business operations.

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6. Plantune

Plantune was designed to work with Windows. It is an advanced planning and appointment scheduling software that will help you with production planning.

It can design an analysis and production plan for you to help you enhance your business productivity. It can make you more efficient by using lean business concepts. It can introduce things like customer pull and controlled WIP to your business.

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7. Setster

Setster is a widely-used open source calendar management system. It is used by companies in the construction, retail, and education sectors. It syncs up with your Google Calendar to avoid double bookings and double entries. It can accept payments, create notifications and manage staff schedules too.

You can access your calendar on your mobile with Setster so you can find out what’s next in your day from anywhere you happen to be. You can also set up advance notifications for your appointments, so you remember what’s on and when. Add time buffers, reminders, and confirmations to your appointments to ensure the smoothest process possible.

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This article covers the best appointment scheduling software solutions such as Easy!Appointments, Reservio, Bitrix24, and classroombookings which is used in many organizations and institutes. Appointment scheduling applications and solutions are required in every business, enterprise, firm, or institution. There are many scheduling software solutions available where each comes equipped with a list of advanced functionalities.

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