How to Check Hardware Information on Ubuntu Graphically Using hardinfo

There are different command-line tools available in Linux that gather information about your system. In this tutorial, we are going to show you a tool hardinfo that displays all information in a GUI. Hardinfo is an open-source tool that functions similarly to the Device Manager in Windows. With Hardinfo, you no longer need to memorize the commands and their options to get the system information you need.

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In this context, we shall look into how to install hardinfo on Ubuntu to check hardware information graphically.

How to Install hardinfo on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS ?

Hardinfo is available in the default Ubuntu repositories. You can install it in your Ubuntu system using the command below:

$ sudo apt install hardinfo

Enter the sudo password, after which hardinfo should be installed on your system. During installation, if it asks for confirmation, type y and hit Enter.

After the hardinfo utility is installed, you can launch it either via the command line or via GUI.

To launch hardinfo via command line, use the command below:

$ hardinfo

To launch hardinfo via GUI, hit the super key and type hardinfo in the search bar, and hit Enter.

Once the hardinfo opens, you will see the system information view with a tree on the left sidebar. If you browse the tree, you will find different categories and subcategories of hardware. Click the desired category that you want to view details for.

For instance, to view network interfaces information, click Interfaces under the Network category.

Also, you can view Operating System details under the Computer category

The interface of hardinfo is easy to use.

How to Uninstall hardinfo from Ubuntu Linux System ?

If in case you need to uninstall hardinfo, you can do this by executing the below command in the Terminal:

$ sudo apt remove hardinfo

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This article covers how to check the hardware information on your Linux system graphically using the hardinfo tool. In fact, a linux system is consists of different types of hardware such as processor, RAM, hard disk, network cards, etc. Linux provides various tools to check the details of these hardware parts. 

You can launch hardinfo tool from the terminal by using the below command:

$ hardinfo

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