Top 5 Free and Open-Source HR Software

Human Resource (HR) management is the backbone of every organization, firm, or company. The department helps in establishing and defining the company's position in the market as it deals with the key element of any organization, i.e., the employees. From hiring a resource to retaining it for a good long period, the HR of a company plays a key and most important role. To help to manage all the employees, and safekeeping their data, HR software solutions came into the market. The HR software solutions help gather, store and update employee's data in the system. It helps manage the recruitment, training of employees, manage payrolls, benefits administration, performance records, and appraisals, etc. There are a lot of HR solutions in the market, however, very few solutions are free, open-source, and offer cross-platform compatibility. 

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In this context, we shall look into the best performing HR solutions that have proven their capability and performance across all the leading operating systems.


1. OrangeHRM

OrangeHRM Inc. was founded in 2005 by Sujee Saparamadu. The HR software belongs to a company dealing in the OrangeHRM software and other market-leading solutions provider in Secaucus, New Jersey. However, the company is renowned for its efficient HR software that provides extraordinary and most commendable features.

The free, open-source, and cross-platform compatible software offers numerous features and capabilities. These features mainly include a complete HR suite equipped with Employee Information Management, PTO Management, Recruitment and Onboarding, Time Tracking, and Performance Evaluation. Other than that, the solution is renowned for providing fast and simple implementation, scalable and customizable solutions, all based on ISO certified and GDPR compliant world-class data security platforms. Therefore, the platform is highly recommended and is acquired by many leading organizations and companies around the globe.

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2. Sentrifugo

Sentrifugo is a free, open-source, and cross-platform solution that comes equipped with a list of features required in an optimal HR software. The software solution along with enabling the HR team and administration also enables the employees. The software’s self-service portal allows employees to access their details in the HR system and modify it if required. The employees can also get their hands on the company’s policies, employee handbooks, etc.

The software offers many features to both HR administration and the employees. The features of the platform include the ability to track current employees personal information, manage hiring decisions, customizable platform that can be modified according to organizational needs, ability to employee’s available time-off and vacation dates, user rights and permission defining user accesses across the HR platform, manage employee performance appraisals, employee self-service portal, analytics module allowing defining and tracking long and short-term goals, background checks, leave management, service request, talent acquisition, interview schedule, time management, asset management, expenses and budget, and the list goes on.

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3. IceHRM

Released under the open-source software license, the IceHRM is another free, open-source, and cross-platform compatible HR software. The solution targeted small to medium size organizations. Therefore, for SMEs, especially, software is the best and most ideal option. The software is developed on the AJAX interface and offers an intuitive and quite user-friendly user interface.

The solution comes equipped with a list of features required in any HR software. These features include the platform’s capability in centralizing employee information making it most accessible, user rights and permissions allowing only authorized users to access the information, employee data administration tool allowing adding employee details such as job titles, departments, education information, pay grades, and other master data, timesheet submission, punch in and punch out time submission, store project and customer information, multilingual platform, ability to store employee pictures, automated installation and the list go on.

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4. WaypointHR

WaypointHR is an open-source HR management software. The solution does not offer free access; however, the users are able to get their hands on the latest version of the software on the SourceForge, which is completely free for download. The software is renowned for its flexibility and ease of use. The users are able to electronically store personnel records, and staff data doing away with the need for paper-based records.

The software comes equipped with a list of advanced features enabling HR bodies around the globe. These features include fully editable employee records, simple 5-step add new employee ‘wizard’, ability to retain similar information on all employees, interchangeable screen grid or table view, company multi-site layering facility, interchangeable record view, multi-tier departmental layering facility, interchangeable employee or department view, expandable department onscreen view, ability to create company reports on staff data, print company and individual employee reports, export reports to pdf, the instant search facility for employees by name, view historical employee data, comprehensive employee records such as personal details, working hours, job, role, and department data, emergency contacts, employment contract information, etc., online absence management software tool, and the list of features go on.

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5. Orange HRM

Control workflows, create, and manage multiple HR functions on a single dashboard with Orange HRM. With this free to download HR management software tool, you can choose whatever features that suit your business and just leave that won’t serve your interests.

Loaded with different functional modules, the software has modules that should meet all your needs.

It is used to covers Personnel Info Management, employees leave and Employee Self Service, their Time & Attendance Recruitment, etc.

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This article covers the best open source HR management software tools for you. They are effective and useful for small and medium businesses to efficiently manage their human resources.

Businesses are struggling to recruit good and qualified personnel, and to retain them in their service over a substantial period, the above HR management software tools can help to ease the burden of HR managers in businesses.

The listed HR software are OrangeHRM, Sentrifugo, IceHRM, Orange HRM and WaypointHR. Software such as WaypointHR and IceHRM will have to be downloaded from third-party software providers, such as SourceForge.

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