Best 8 Open-Source Business Intelligence Software

Real-time analytics is becoming increasingly important as businesses are processing more and more information about their operations and customers. 

Business Intelligence and Business Analysis are one of the most vital performance parameters and tools when it comes to handling and running businesses efficiently. Business Intelligence Software tools help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business in real-time. Data is a very powerful entity in today’s world, and how you handle your data can make or break your business.

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In this context, we shall look into Business Intelligence (BI) tools which are open-source, and at the same time, are cross-platform compatible.

1. Jaspersoft

The integrated BI tools in Jaspersoft offer the most intuitive, seamless, and user-friendly platform to serve the BI needs of any organization. The tool is completely open-source, making it an efficient tool for analyzing trends of a company.

The robust tool offers a 30-day free trial to its users. The Jaspersoft solution includes JasperReports Server, Jaspersoft ETL, JasperReports Library, Jaspersoft Studio, and Visualize.JS. These efficient BI tools allow the users to draft any analysis and take steps to ensure a successful future for their company. The complete Jaspersoft suite enables users in every data analysis manner, however, JasperReports is the most powerful and intuitive tool used and adapted by many across the globe to generate optimal analysis.

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Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) is an extraordinary BI suite from the renowned and highly acclaimed Eclipse software development environment. The tool is adopted by some of the leading organizations such as IBM, Cisco, and S1, and is sponsored by Innovent Solutions, Actuate, and IBM. Although this software is mainly designed to fulfill the requirements for intuitive reporting, it can go slightly further to include data analysis as well, and to present the data in a more grouped and analytical way by performing various functions such as summing, totals, percentage. The main features and components of BIRT include a visual reporting designer tool for creating BIRT reports, a runtime environment for generating embeddable reports, an integrated chart engine, and designer, an intuitive viewer, etc.

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3. Zoho Reports

Zoho is renowned for providing an optimal platform to serve the data analysis demands and needs of many around the globe. Zoho provides a list of tools that enable various organizations. Zoho Reports provide a list of efficient features and functionalities that help in maintaining and sustaining business growth and stability. The tool offers an intuitive reporting and analysis platform and a dashboard describing an overview of the organization. The free version of the software is on-premise and can be used by two users at the max, however, at the cost of $10 per user, more personnel or organization staff can be added. With Zoho, there is no limit on the file size or the cloud storage accessed by its users.

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KNIME software solutions are known for developing efficient open-source and cross-platform compatible software products that come under the GPL license. The KNIME BI tools, therefore, are one of the most efficient means to generate interactive and intuitive reports incorporating details related to the company’s growth and stability. The platform offers and is based on a modular structure that supports more than a thousand actively working modules. This drastically enhances the platform’s stability, and the modular structure helps the development community contribute to and get benefit from the open-source paradigm. The platform helps the data analysts and the data scientists in creating intuitive analyses by providing them a toolset incorporating a variety of tools. The advanced algorithms integrated into the tool generate meaningful reports and analyses. Though, the tool is not simple and requires some training before its usage, still one of the most commendable platforms for formulating various business analysis reports.

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5. SpagoBI

Developed by the Italian software developers. The SpagoBI or Knowage is renowned across the world for providing an efficient platform for performing data analyses and BI reporting. The open-source tool provides abilities to draft a various and wide variety of reports, along with providing data mining and charting functionalities. The features incorporated and supported by the advanced platform include OLAP analysis, reporting tools, graphs, and KPIs management, dashboards, geo-referenced reporting, free inquiry (QbE), cockpits, data mining, data analysis and documentation, ETL and EII Processes, smart filters, and real-time consoles, and the list goes on. The SpagoBI server is based on two core components, first is the analytical model that delivers the analytical features and business requirements. Whereas the second is the behavioral model that seamlessly handles the visual aspects of showing the data or other information.

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This article covers the best open-source BI tools that are widely adopted. These tools are Jaspersoft, BIRT, Zoho Reports, KNIME, and SpagoBI. All the discussed tools are open-source and offer an intuitive interface for getting an insight into originations past performances and thereby make future decisions accordingly. Furthermore, being open-source, all the tools offer a platform for extending the capabilities and adapting the tool or analyses as per organizational demands and requirements.

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