Best 6 Open-Source Data Analysis Tools

Data analysis and visualization are at the heart of any working organization. Big data analysis helps organizations take key and most important decisions. It helps to devise and formulating the future strategy of a company and assessing the drawbacks and the faults in the previously adopted or implemented policies. To help with the analyses, the data analysis tools are widely acclaimed and adopted by firms or organizations. These tools not only help in devising optimal company strategy and plans but also helps in organizing data structurally and display it using the advanced graphical visualization features of the data analysis tools. 

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In this context, we shall look into the best open-source data analysis tools that can be acquired right away owing to the freely available products and can at the same time be enhanced with additional features and capabilities due to the open-source nature of the data analysis software.

1. Grafana

Grafana is one of the leading market data analysis tools. With clients ranging from Salesforce, PayPal, eBay, Verizon, Siemens, Roblox, etc., the Grafana tool is the best option for many small to large-sized companies across the globe. The platform provides the ability to monitor statistics and data across various software applications and databases. The alert and notifications feature can be enabled and configured to ping users about various events or threats. The tool is widely adopted by DevOps engineers across the globe who constantly run checks on their systems with the help of this efficient and most feature-packed enhanced tool. The metrics and other analyses are displayed interactively using advanced viewing features and integrated customizable dashboards. Users can view their data using a variety of ways such as by viewing a geomap, graphs, heatmaps, and histograms, etc. The tool also allows users to seamlessly integrate with their workflows or other systems if required.

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2. R Project

The R Project for Statistical Computing and analysis is a free, open-source, and cross-platform compatible statistical modeling solution by R Studio. R Studio was released in 2011 and comes under the Affero General Public version 3 License. The efficient and enhanced solution provides an environment and a platform for statistical graphics creations, computing, and analysis. R Project for Statistical Computing runs most efficiently with the R Studio paradigm. With R Project, users can perform a variety of statistical modeling tasks, perform data manipulation, intermediate tools for statistical programming, and data analysis, graphical display, flawlessly designed plots, which include mathematical symbols, conditional loops, and mathematical calculations. Being open-source and supporting a large community, more advanced features and functionalities can be added and are added by R Studio’s active community now and then which enhances the scope and reliability of the platform.

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KNIME software solutions are known for developing efficient open-source and cross-platform compatible software products that come under the GPL license. The KNIME BI tools, therefore, are one of the most efficient means to generate interactive and intuitive reports incorporating details related to the company’s growth and stability. The platform offers and is based on a modular structure that supports more than a thousand actively working modules. This drastically enhances the platform’s stability, and the modular structure helps the development community contribute to and get benefit from the open-source paradigm. The platform helps the data analysts and the data scientists in creating intuitive analyses by providing them a toolset incorporating a variety of tools. The advanced algorithms integrated into the tool generate meaningful reports and analyses. Though, the tool is not simple and requires some training before its usage, still one of the most commendable platforms for formulating various business analysis reports.

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4. Knowage

Developed by the Italian software developers and initially known as SpagoBI, the Knowage is renowned across the world for providing an efficient platform for performing data analyses and BI reporting. The open-source tool provides abilities to draft a various and wide variety of reports, along with providing data mining and charting functionalities. The features incorporated and supported by the advanced platform include OLAP analysis, reporting tools, graphs, and KPIs management, dashboards, geo-referenced reporting, free inquiry (QbE), cockpits, data mining, data analysis and documentation, ETL and EII Processes, smart filters, and real-time consoles, and the list goes on. The SpagoBI server is based on two core components, first is the analytical model that delivers the analytical features and business requirements. Whereas the second is the behavioral model that seamlessly handles the visual aspects of showing the data or other information.

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5. Apache Spark

Developed by the software development solutions and information technology giants, Apache, MLlib is the product of Apache Spark and comes equipped with the best toolset required to make efficient artificial intelligence-based applications and software solutions. Apache Spark is an open-source, most intuitive and user-friendly, efficient, and most stable machine learning library. The framework was specifically designed for deploying and can run on existing Hadoop clusters and data. The software helps in the swift and distributed large-scale data processing. The clustered architecture of the software helps it to efficiently manage and handle big data in real-time. The users are also enabled to manage various clusters and automate and process user data. Apache Spark also incorporates features for fault detection and data recovery and backup, thereby eliminating chances of any data loss.

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Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) is an extraordinary BI suite from the renowned and highly acclaimed Eclipse software development environment. The tool is adopted by some of the leading organizations such as IBM, Cisco, and S1, and is sponsored by Innovent Solutions, Actuate, and IBM. Although this software is mainly designed to fulfill the requirements for intuitive reporting, it can go slightly further to include data analysis as well, and to present the data in a more grouped and analytical way by performing various functions such as summing, totals, percentage along with the capability to create interactive and intuitive data visualizations. The main features and components of BIRT include a visual reporting designer tool for creating BIRT reports, a runtime environment for generating embeddable reports, an integrated chart engine, and designer, an intuitive viewer, etc.

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This article covers the best open-source, and cross-platform compatible data analysis software that are widely acclaimed across the globe. The tools discussed are Grafana, R Project, KNIME, Knowage, Apache Spark, and BIRT. All the discussed tools offer an efficient platform to handle and manage big data and advanced visualization tools to graphically display the data. Furthermore, the interactive and visually appealing dashboards are incorporated in each of the tools which help get an instant insight into the company's data and analyze its current standing.

Basically, Data analysis is the process of working on data with the purpose of arranging it correctly, explaining it, making it presentable, and finding a conclusion from that data.

It is done for finding useful information from data to make rational decisions.

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