Install Alpine email client on Debian 10 - Follow these steps ?

Alpine is a command-line-based email client which is super easy to use and works with all IMAP and POP3 services. It has several advantages over GUI-based email clients. For instance: it is not only lightweight but also consumes less memory. You would not need any mouse interaction to open and read your emails. 

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In this context, we shall look into how to install Alpine on Debian 10 buster Linux system. 

How to Install Alpine on Debian ?

To install Alpine, simply open the terminal and execute the following command on your Debian machine:

$ sudo apt install alpine

Alpine will be installed from the latest Debian 10 repositories. As Alpine is a terminal program, so the only way to access it is from the command line.

To run Alpine on the terminal, simply run the below command:

$ alpine

You can create new folders and proceed with IMAP and POP3 configurations now. Press Q to quit Alpine.

How to Uninstall Alpine from Debian Linux system ?

To remove Alpine from your system, Simply run the following command and Alpine will be gone from your Debian system:

$ sudo apt remove alpine

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This article covers how to install, run, and remove Alpine on Debian 10, which is an amazing email client full of features to run in the terminal forever. In fact, Alpine is a CLI email client for BSD and GNU/Linux. 

How to install Alpine on Linux ?

For EL7:

$ sudo yum -y install alpine

For Fedora:

$ sudo dnf -y install apline

For Debian & Ubuntu & derivatives:

$ sudo apt -y install alpine

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