How good it would be if you surf the internet merely on a terminal. This is possible by means of browsers which can work from the command line. One of such browser which when installed is available to use in terminals is Elinks.

ELinks is basically a text mode WWW browser, supporting colors, table rendering, background downloading, menu driven configuration interface, tabbed browsing and slim code.

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In this context, we shall look into how to install elinks on your Ubuntu 20.04 LTS machine.

How to Install ELinks on Ubuntu Linux system ?

Elinks package is available in Ubuntu repositories. So to install it simply run the below command:

$ sudo apt install elinks

Once installed you will be able to run the browser from the terminal.

How to run ELinks browser ?

After installing ELinks, you can run it with the below command:

$ elinks

Once the connection is established, you will notice the Elinks screen on your terminal. Your terminal will change into a browser. It will be fully functional and render all of the text of a website.

How to work with the ELinks's Address Bar ?

When elinks starts then it starts with an address bar in the middle. We will simply enter a website into it and hit enter to go to the specific URL. In case you do not want to surf the internet immediately you can always cancel it.

Also you can enter a website and hit enter to begin surfing the web.

How to Uninstall Elinks browser from Ubuntu Linux system ?

You will need to use the standard apt command to remove Elinks from your system:

$ sudo apt remove elinks

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