Best Open-source free Digital Asset Management Software for Linux

With everyday growing data, storing, managing, and accessing is getting trickier. Regardless of the institution, in any firm, company, organization, and on personal computers or laptops, the amount of data grows immensely with each day passing, which makes the management of this data a whole lot trickier and complicated. To ease this process of managing and accessing data, digital asset management software comes to the aid. The digital asset management software streamlines a number of things for the users, such as organizing, accessing, storing, retrieving, and cataloging user data. The digital asset management software despite offering an environment for storing, organizing, and accessing user data, also provides a safe and completely secure database and platform to save user data along with the backup capabilities. This enhances and takes the feasibility of digital management software to a whole next level. 

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In this context, we shall look into the best Open-Source digital management software solutions for Linux system.

Benefits of using a Digital Asset Management Software:

  • Digital Asset Management software manages various types of Digital content.
  • It saves them a lot of time. Companies need not waste time in managing the data.
  • The data is more secure and safe in the servers of DAM software that has multiple layers of security.
  • It creates a central repository of all the digital assets of an organization. All members can access it, and everyone will possess the same updated version.
  • Lost documents or loss of old versions of documents can cause a massive blow to a company’s profitability. DAM software acts as a back-up for all versions of the document.
  • It provides a convenient way to share documents with external partners.
  • Reduces workload so that organizations can utilize the saved time for something more productive.

1. Pimcore

Pimcore is an Austrian company that has sustained and developed the position of producing market-leading data management software products and solutions. Here we particularly discuss their digital asset management solution that is free, open-source, cross-platform compatible, and is adopted by some of the most renowned companies such as Audi, Burger King, Intersport, and so on.

Pimcore incorporates a list of fascinating features that makes it a favorite digital asset management tool of many. These features and capabilities include the capability to upload documents, the ability to seamlessly manage digital resources, provide a central repository that stores and provides access to all digital resources, digital assets workflow management, metadata feature, ability to add information such as image description and copyrights, provides integration with Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, and the list goes on.

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2. Phraseanet

Phraseanet is a free, open-source, and cross-platform compatible solution that is accessible across a number of platforms. The efficient digital asset management software is renowned across the globe for providing state-of-the-art features and capabilities to its users.

Some of the features of the platform include the platform’s ability to upload documents, manage digital assets, utilize the efficient elastic search engine to search documents, ability to filter the results for instantly accessing the searched digital content, make a web-gallery to organize content, export the locally downloaded content, provide a detailed view of the modification history and asset description, send the selected content to a list of users, and social networks via the platform, collaborate with others by sending a download link, databases creation feature, ability to define the structure of the database, manage user rights and permissions, and the list goes on.

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3. ResourceSpace

ResourceSpace is a free, open-source, and cross-platform compatible digital asset management software solution. The efficient tool is based on PHP and MySQL databases. The tool offers an efficient and quite interactive and attractive user interface.

The features and capabilities offered in the tool are the platform's ability to upload documents, manage digital assets, facial recognition using AI, ability to add metadata, integration with social media for sharing content, version controlling, access control and management, usage report, and asset analysis, workflow management, data storage in a customized format and size, content previewing, advanced search options, sophisticated reports, and analytics, etc.

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4. Entermedia

Entermedia is a java-based flexible, intuitive, and user-friendly digital asset management software solution. The solution offers a free version which is usually their second last version released before their latest version thereby limiting some of their newly introduced features. However, even their free versions offer quite an impressive and advanced set of features for seamlessly managing one's digital assets.

The features and capabilities of the platform include the functionality to upload documents, ability to seamlessly manage digital resources, ability to add metadata, workflow management, content organization, bulk data management, user rights, and permissions to allow access to data and information within a collection, ability to share videos directly from the application, track and measure user's digital assets performance, so on and so forth.

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5. Razuna

Razuna is a solution provider for your Digital Asset Management needs. It is an open source software that centralizes your digital assets and helps in streamlining the workflow. It features, Uploading documents, Manage digital assets of all formats, Allows to convert the formats for images and videos, Sharing the content with your team, Commenting and discussing enabled for individual content, Highly sophisticated search, Writes metadata using XMP format, Create a new asset from an old one for version management, Optional web integration with Wordpress and Robust access control.

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This article covers the best free, open-source, market-leading, and cross-platform compatible digital asset management software solutions. This includes Pimcore, Phraseanet, ResourceSpace, and Entermedia. There are also other open-source, and cross-platform compatible digital asset management software solutions such as Razuna, and Canto. 

For efficient use and easy access, Organizations need to manage and streamline their digital data. It comes under the asset and content management process of the businesses. The responsible Asset and Content Management theories gave birth to Digital Asset Management (DAM), a subset of Enterprise content management (ECM). The process of storing, managing, and retrieving digital assets when required, is called Digital Asset Management. Companies deploy software to achieve their goal of efficient digital asset management.

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