503 Service Unavailable Error - Step by Step fix ?

503 Service Unavailable is one of the most common website errors. The cause may be the server is overloaded or under maintenance. In a more clearer form, the 503 Service unavailable error is an HTTP response status code stating that the server is operating properly, but that it is unavailable to process your request at the moment. This is either because the server is overloaded or because it's down for maintenance.

The 503 service unavailable error is different from the 500 error, the 500 error occurs when something is preventing the server from processing your request, while the 503 error is that the server is fine, it only temporarily blocked access from you due to the processing load.

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In this context, we shall look into what 503 Service Unavailable Error is and how to fix it.

Nature of 503 Service Unavailable Error

1. The server is under maintenance or in the process of updating and securing the database.

2. The server is overloaded. There are 2 main causes due to increased traffic or malware attacks.

3. Due to incorrect DNS server configuration on the client-side.

Ways to fix 503 Error

You can fix 503 Service Unavailable Error by using any of the tip provided below.

1. Reload page

If you can't access the website, you need to reload the page to fix the error. You can press the F5 button or use the Ctrl + R key combination to reload.

2. Restart the computer or change the DNS server

One of the causes of a 503 error is a problem with the DNS server, usually indicated by the message Service Unavailable – DNS Failure. With this error, you should restart the system or choose another DNS server.

3. Access again another time

There can be too many visitors at the same time causing the site to be overloaded, so you need to reduce the burden on the server by closing the page and reloading the website next time. With this action, the server will be more stable and can handle all access requests as desired.

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This article covers what 503 Service Unavailable Error and different ways to fix it. In fact, A 503 Service Unavailable Error happens when a web server is temporarily unable to handle a request that’s been made of it. 

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