Modify Zoom Background on Ubuntu 20.04 - Step by Step process ?

Zoom is a very popular video chat application.

It became all the more useful and famous within these days of the COVID-19 pandemic in which every communication was virtualized since physical interactions were strictly forbidden. 

This application comes with some of the most amazing features, which is the sole reason for its popularity among the general public. 

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In this context, we shall look into steps to modify the background in Zoom in Ubuntu 20.04.

Why changing Zoom background is important ?

We know that whenever we are on a video call with someone, our actual background is displayed on the screen and also shared with the other communicating parties. 

However, we also realize that when an actual video is being transmitted over the network, it consumes a lot of bandwidth. 

It happens because of the frames that change every second. 

Therefore, there should be some way of optimizing bandwidth usage.

How about if during a video call, only your own self is being displayed whereas your background remains still? 

Well, you can achieve this goal by changing the background in Zoom. 

Doing this will essentially set a static virtual background that will be used during the video calls and hence your bandwidth will definitely be conserved. 

Now let us see the steps to change background in Zoom on Ubuntu.

Steps to take in order to modify the Background in Zoom on Ubuntu 20.04 ?

To change the background in Zoom in Ubuntu 20.04, we need to perform all the steps that are listed below.

1. Locate the Zoom Application in Ubuntu 20.04

If the Zoom application is installed on your Ubuntu 20.04 system, then you can access it simply by searching for it in the Activities menu. 

You need to click on the Zoom icon to launch the Zoom application in Ubuntu 20.04.

2. Sign in to your Zoom Account

Now you need to sign in to your Zoom account so that you can easily change its background. 

i. For that, you need to click on the Sign In option located on the landing page of the Zoom application.

ii. After clicking on this option, you will be required to provide your login credentials and then click on the Sign In button.

3. Access the Settings of the Zoom Application

Once you have gained access to your Zoom account, you need to click on the Settings icon to access its settings.

4. Navigate to the Background and Filters Settings

In the Zoom Settings window, you need to click on the Background and Filters tab to change the background of the Zoom application.

5. Download the Desired Background

In the Background and Filters settings tab, you will be able to see your current live video in a small panel. 

You basically want to change the background of your live video. 

i. So, for doing that, you have to select a background listed under the Virtual Backgrounds section by clicking on it.

ii. As soon as you will select a desired virtual background, a dialogue box will pop up on your screen from which you will have to click on the Download button to start downloading the selected background.

You will see the download progress bar.

6. Verify if the Background in Zoom has been Changed or not

To verify if the background in Zoom has been changed or not, you simply have to wait till the download of your selected background completes. 

Once it does, you will be able to see the selected background in your live video panel instead of your actual background.

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This article will guide you on steps to easily change the background of the Zoom application whenever he wants on #Ubuntu #Linux System. In this way, you can ensure efficient bandwidth utilization.

#Zoom is a very popular video communication tool for chatting, online meetings, screen-sharing, video conferencing etc. 

It is supported by most of the popular operating system like #Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.

Zoom offers a few default image options to choose from, but it also allows you to upload your own image.

To make my background zoom better:

1. Click Settings. 

2. Click Virtual Background. 

Note: If you do not have the Virtual Background tab and you have enabled it on the web portal, sign out of the Zoom Desktop Client and sign in again. 

3. Click on an image to select the desired virtual background or add your own image by clicking +Add Image.

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