Best 4 Open-Source Affiliate Software

The world of marketing is growing with each day passing. Every day we witness new marketing trends and terms. Digital marketing, for instance, is a term that has seen an upsurge in such a few last decades. Similarly, affiliate marketing is not a term of the past. Affiliate marketing is the kind of marketing that works with the affiliates. Business organizations approach affiliate marketers to promote their products or services. Based on the traffic diverted to the business organizations or the number of products or services sold, the business organizations pay the affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketing software helps the affiliates monitor the progress and take measures to improve the sales which in return increases their profit. Or the business organizations can use the affiliate software to manage their sales and different affiliates, and also keep track of all their different affiliate campaigns. 

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In this context, we shall look into the best open-source and cross-platform compatible affiliate software that helps enhances the usage and advanced features integration.

Tips to Track the Success of Affiliate Marketing:

  • CTR or Click-Through Rates- It is the frequency at which a user clicks at your advertisement. 
  • CPL or Cost Per Lead- Here, you need to track and monitor your lead generation platforms used in affiliate marketing. 
  • Conversion Rate- The frequency at which a click or a lead gets converted into a potential sale. 
  • Return on investment or ROI- It helps you measure how much you have spent on a particular affiliate marketing campaign and how much you have earned from that campaign. 
  • Incremental Sales or Revenue- You can find out how many sales are mainly getting driven by a marketing channel that would not have been driven by any other marketing campaign. Incremental revenue is the revenue generated when affiliates complete a transaction. 
  • Average Order Value- It helps to calculate the average revenue generated from a single order. 
  • Reversed Sale Rate- As the term implies, it means determining the products that have been returned by customers purchased from your website instead of a refund. 
  • Fraudulent Orders- Affiliate marketing has to deal with many fraudulent orders that result in huge losses. You also have to take such orders into account.

1. eLitius

The eLitius is an enhanced affiliate software. The software solution is an open-source product that is also free and cross-platform compatible. The efficient software helps manage the affiliate programs with an emphasis on revenue, recruiting, managing sales, and monitoring and tracking affiliates.

The software comes equipped with a list of features and capabilities. These features mainly include the platform’s capability to add, manage, and modify various affiliates, manage and monitor sales via every affiliate, manage the commissions made by the affiliates, ability to manage revenues, provides templates and efficient configuration tools, customized designs for various user interface, enhanced tracking system, a state-of-the-art reporting tool that generates efficient and interactive reports for various insights, other features include the platform's capability to offer an enhanced and most flexible solution, and the list goes on.

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2. OSI Affiliate

OSI Affiliate software is another efficient and market-leading affiliate software. The software is adopted by many leading firms and organizations. The software has been renowned around the globe and has an image and profile to turn many customers and first-time visitors into permanent customers for many organizations. The software is an open-source and cross-platform compatible solution, however, the tool does not offer a free subscription but offers a 15-day free trial.

The features and capabilities that are incorporated in the tool are platforms ability to seamlessly get integrated with the social media applications which allow efficient sharing of the marketing contents directly from the OSI Affiliate, consistent branding enabled by linking all the affiliates to the URLs, and efficient setup wizard, an influencer directory, multi-tier affiliate management system that allows allocating and recruiting new affiliates, etc.

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3. Affiliate Pro

Affiliate Pro is yet another open-source affiliate software. The solution works on the leading operating systems however it is not free. Though the lifetime subscription can be availed by mere payment of $59. The software keeps in check all the traffic coming to a website and the revenue being generated by every click and the website registrations. The efficient tool was mainly designed to monitor, track, and increase sales.

The features incorporated in the tool mainly include the platform’s ability to allow its users to make customized affiliate programs and invite other affiliates which enhances the overall sales, ability to integrate CMS solutions, earn and increase commissions on every sale, other features of the platform include notifications, alerts, etc., a reporting tool, dashboards for interactive insights, marketing ads, logos, and the list goes on.

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4. Affiliate Pro Script

Affiliate Pro Script offers an open-source platform for affiliate management. The program is the first choice of many organizations when it comes to monetizing brands and blogs. The tool is a powerful PHP-based software that enhances sales and revenues and helps empower the overall business. The tool seamlessly integrates with the external SEO experts that help enhance sales. Affiliate Pro can also integrate with other applications which monitor businesses sales and revenues, such as the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

The features included in the software are an enhanced commission package that offers various formats to monitor and track different kinds of commissions, monitor and track affiliates using the in-built matrix capabilities, ability to configure settings based on different affiliates, transactions, user earnings, other features include the capability of the platform to generate various insights and reports, and the list goes on.

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This article covers the best 4 best affiliate software that ensures seamless affiliate management platforms. In fact, these software solutions are eLitius, OSI Affiliate, Affiliate Pro, and Affiliate Pro Script. All the discussed solutions are open-source and cross-platform compatible. 

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