Best 4 Open-Source Transportation Management Software

Transportation management is required in various businesses and ventures. The service providers or other organizations and businesses dealing in delivering their products or transport agencies require a solution that can easily streamline their management processes. The transportation management solutions help drive the efficient running of a business by ensuring that the requested products or services are delivered to the clients or the vendors. An efficient transportation management tool is capable of improving and increasing the efficiency of the supply chain process, can track and maintain the logistics operations, improves inventory flow, keep track of the vehicles and their maintenance checks, plan optimal vehicle routes, maintain records and provide detailed insights.

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In this context, we shall look into the best open-source transportation management software solutions.

Benefits of Transport Management Software includes: 

  • Transporters can track their product deliveries in real-time. They can gain more visibility in their vehicle and loads. 
  • Transport management solutions enable transport companies to minimize their freight spend based on the current supply chain process. 
  • TMS allows businesses to streamline inventory management and get accurate stock forecasts to enhance supply chains.
  • Select the best transportation mode, choose optimum rates and service for each shipment. 
  • TMS enables electronic billing, invoicing, processing, and auditing. It helps to simplify the accounting process. 
  • Big Data Analytics and IoT help gain real-time data tracking, and improve customer satisfaction levels, minimizing orders' delays. 
  • Improved reporting leads to better decision making and taking quick actions. 
  • Innovation in fleet management leads to improved vehicle performance. 

1. OpenTCS

OpenTCS or Open Transportation Control System is a free, open-source, and cross-platform compatible solution. The product is highly acclaimed and adopted for its enhanced library of tools and features required in an optimally functioning transportation management system.

The tool incorporates a list of advanced features. These features and capabilities of the platform include the platform’s adaptability for every type of vehicle including Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS), warehouse management, customizable communications protocols, adaptable and easily customizable user interface, flexible, user-friendly, useful for non-continuous conveyors, and the list goes on.

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2. OpenLMIS

OpenLMIS is renowned across the globe for offering advanced transportation and logistics management. The tool is widely adopted for health commodity supply chains. One of the key capabilities of the platform is that it seamlessly manages and handles data accuracy and timeliness.

The key features of the platform include cloud-based electronic logistics management information system, accurate decision-making capabilities, barcoding and RFID, shipping management, transportation management, modular architecture for extensibility, ordering and requisitions, reporting and analytics, stock management, and local fulfillment, vaccine management, standard-based approach, etc.

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3. Open Door Logistics (ODL)

ODL is another free, open-source, and cross-platform compatible logistics and transportation management solution. The tool is equipped with state-of-the-art features and capabilities. The user interface of the tool comes equipped with a map that geographically displays and locates the vehicles and manages them along with allowing the users to design and manage the territories.

The key functionalities and features of the platform are territory design, territory mapping, vehicle fleet scheduling, color coding, geocoding, labeling, map creation, spatial analysis, customer management, shipping management, tracking, and transportation management.

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4. OpenMAINT

The last one to occupy our list of top four best transportation management software is OpenMAINT. The software is free, open-source, and cross-platform compatible. It offers capabilities and features that are market-competitive and in line with the leading transportation management software.

The key highlights of the efficient transportation management tool are text and graphic browsing capability, document file management, workflow engine, data import and export capability, web-based user interface, barcoding and RFID functionality, intuitive and interactive dashboard, shipping management, tracking, transportation management, record handling documents of consumables, print the current stock of consumable, manage the consumable registry, etc.

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This article covers the most Efficient logistics and transportation management software which helps in streamlining the key activities and processes involved in transportation management. They also help in the process of arrival, packaging, sales, product distribution, warehouse, and inventory updating and management, planning the departures and arrivals, vehicle routes planning and vehicle maintenance, etc.

They include OpenTCS, OpenLMIS, Open Door Logistics (ODL), and OpenMAINT.

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