Install Beaker Browser on Ubuntu 21.10 Edition - A step by step process ?

Beaker browser is developed for peer-to-peer network users in mind. The developer's top priority is to decentralize the Internet and make sense of web development in a different way where it is powered by users instead of data centers.

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In this context, we shall look into how to install Beaker browser on your latest Ubuntu 21.10 edition.

How to install Beaker browser on Ubuntu ?

1. Download Beaker Browser

Beaker browser is not available in traditional Ubuntu repositories therefore you will need to grab installation files from the website or the Github repository.

The above link will help you with the installation of the Beaker Browser.

2. Install Beaker Browser

You can run the following command to begin the installation of the Beaker browser if you want to install it using the command line:

$ sudo dpkg -i beaker.deb

Check your beaker browser installation once it is installed from the command line using the following command:

$ beaker --version

How to launch Beaker Browser ?

Now you can launch the Beaker browser, everything is ready to utilize the Internet and support it. Once launched, you will see the Welcome to Beaker screen to begin surfing the Internet.

How to Uninstall Beaker Browser From Ubuntu Linux system ?

If for whatever reason you choose to remove the Beaker browser from your system then simply run the following command to get rid of it:

$ sudo apt remove beaker

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This article covers how to install Beaker browser on your Ubuntu Linux system. In fact, it allows you to browse sites as normal HTTP or HTTPS, and sites, using peer-to-peer connection. When you visit the "peer-to-peer sites" the connection is between the other users using the Beaker Browser. "Peer-to-peer sites" reside on the computers of the users. 

Also, Beaker Browser allows you to publish sites directly from your browser and requires no set up and administer a separate web server. In fact, between the user hosting the "peer-to-peer sites", forming a decentralized network. Similar technology can be compared to the torrent networks.

You can install Beaker Browser via Snap by running the below command:

$ sudo snap install beaker-browser

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